Globalinks is a leading non-profit provider of study abroad programs to Australia and New Zealand. Having sent over 9,000 students abroad in the last 14 years, Globalinks strives to offer programs that are both academically and culturally enriching for students. The process of direct enrollment at foreign institutions can often be cumbersome and complicated – Globalinks provides the full range of services to assist students with the process of preparing for a successful abroad experience through the Globalinks Four Points of Focus:

  1. Guaranteed Service
  2. Time and Money Savings
  3. Academic Support
  4. Exciting Additions to your Program

Globalinks strives to be responsive to individual students by offering 26 varied and interesting study abroad sites in Australia and New Zealand. Regional Directors meet face to face with students across the nation and our in-office counselors are trained to service only 3 – 4 overseas programs in order to provide the best advice to participants. We are known as the “personable” program where there are no silly questions or concerns.

Globalinks believes that cultural integration is key even when students select an English-speaking destination where no foreign language is required. Cultural integration is a cornerstone of our program management whereby we supply extensive pre-trip information, counseling and support, house our students with New Zealand and other international students, almost without exception, and allow our group to participate in campus activities versus American group activities during free time.

To learn more about Globalinks and their study abroad programs, please visit their website at

Please Note: To participate in an Globalinks Study Abroad program, students would have to take a leave of absence from Drury and scholarships and financial aid from Drury would not apply.