Study Abroad

Summer in China 2015 - Architecture

This program offers a two-course six-credit option for ARCH 458 (Culture & Place) and ARCH 428 (Travel Journal), which satisfies the study abroad requirements of Drury University and Hammons School of Architecture.  It aims for participants to develop an understanding of the duality between traditions and transformations that generate complex challenges, and form dynamic equilibriums in contemporary society.  The main objective of this program is to investigate how dwelling, as a principle concept, can establish the relationships between people and places.  It is dwelling that brings history, culture, religion, economy, and politics together to create the authenticity of living and places through time.  The program will provide broad opportunities for in-depth surveys of the most significan sites throughout Chinese history; from ruins of antiquities, preserved historical villages, to the most populous megacities.  We will reevaluate the concept of dwelling between traditions and transformations that shape the phenomena of pluralis in today’s culture and place.

Dates of travel: May 27 – June 30, 2015
Program Fee*: $3615 per student
Tuition for 6 credit hours: approx. $1,500 per student
Personal expenses**approx. $2,575

Total Approximate Cost: $7,690 per student

Non-refundable Deposit:  $500 due October 17, 2014
Remaining Balance due by April 15, 2015 (refund policy explained in program description handout)

* Program fee includes: housing, all planned group transportation expenses, and health insurance.  Prices are subject to the fluctuation in currency exchange rates.

**Personal expenses include: round-trip airfare from Chicago to Shanghai, food, souvenirs, passport fees, textbooks, personal items, etc.


ARCH 428: Travel Journal: Architectural Sketching (3 credit hours)
ARCH 458:  Culture and Place: Traditions and Transformations (3 credit hour)
PDEV 205:  Engaged Learning (0 credit hour)

For more information, please contact:

Jay Garrott
(417) 873-7371
Yong Huang
(417) 873-7580