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London, England

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Drury students attending our London program at Regents University remain Drury students while abroad. They are registered at Drury and will pay their fees to Drury. Most scholarships and financial aid remain in place; exceptions are activity grants, work study, room & board portion of Trustee Scholarship, and tuition remission/exchange. At Regents, most classes are held Monday – Thursday allowing long weekends for exploring London and travel.

Program requirements: Students are advised to apply for the program during their freshman year, since we are limited to 38 in any given year. GPA requirement is 3.0. All participants will be expected to attend a mandatory orientation sessions the semester before travel.

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The Campus:

Regents University is a traditional quadrangle college under one roof: dorms, commons, classrooms, library, exercise room, recreation room, and pub. The student service facilities are excellent and the faculty and staff are extremely helpful. The college is set in Regents Park, one of London's most spectacular Royal Parks, which offers sports, recreation, running trails, tennis courts, flower gardens and the London Zoo. Close to the Baker Street Underground for transportation, Regents is also within walking distance of the theatre district and major shopping areas in London.


Drury University Semester Tuition/Fees:   $11,375
Room & Board: Drury College Park Rate (150 block plan):   $4,743
Program Fee:   $3,550
Administrative Fee:   $315
Technology Fee   $250
Refundable Room Deposit:   $100
Passport:   $135
Passport Photos:   $12
International Student Identity Card:   $28
Airfare:   $900 to $1,200
Entertainment/Travel Estimate:   $2,500 to $5,000

All Drury scholarships and financial aid are available to the student, except for some activity grants, room and board for Trustee Scholarship recipients, work study, and the residential scholarship.

A $400 nonrefundable deposit, which is applied to your program costs, is required the academic year before participation to guarantee your place in the program.


Drury's students stay in triple dorm rooms at Regents. There will be additional fees at Regents for some courses which require theatre tickets, admission fees, or special travel. London is an expensive place to live, particularly to eat out, go to movies, etc., but there are many free events one can attend such as concerts, museums, and lectures. Matinees and student tickets can reduce the cost of attending the theatre and other events. A nonrefundable $400.00 deposit, which is applied to your program costs, is required the year before participation to guarantee your place in the program.


Students are advised to apply for the semester program during their freshman year since participation is limited to 38 students in any given year. GPA requirement is 3.0. The grades that a student earns at Regents will count toward their GPA. Regents offers many courses similar to those at Drury and courses which we are not able to offer here. A number of our general education, CORE, and major/minor program requirements can be met at Regents. Study the offerings, check the course-equivalency list and start planning for your semester in London now!

Day Trips & Excursions:

Several day trips and three-day excursions are available to students studying in London.

Day Trips:

  • Bath
  • Leeds Castle & Canterbury
  • Stratford & Warwick Castle
  • Stonehenge & Salisbury

Three Day Excursions:

  • Edinburgh
  • Wales Pony Trekking
  • Paris

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Thomas E. Russo
Director, Study Abroad Programs
(417) 873-7413

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