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C.W. Titus Foundation Scholarship

Foreign language study abroad programs

The Department of Languages at Drury is pleased to announce a grant from the C.W. Titus Foundation to fund scholarships for foreign language study abroad. Drury students will receive up to $2000.00 each to help cover expenses directly related to study abroad education, including travel to and within the host country, tuition, food and lodging, and educational supplies. The scholarship periods will be fall 2014 to fall 2015. Scholarships are limited to full-time day students. Drury students participating in an affiliated or independent study abroad program cannot be considered for a CW Titus Foundation Scholarship. Applications are due in 210 Pearsons Hall by Friday, November 14th.

Please Note: Foreign-language study in the host country is required. Applicants must be enrolled in an approved Drury Study Abroad program to participate. Applicants must also be returning students (i.e. complete their study abroad experience at least one semester prior to graduation).

Application Process Applications will be ranked by Department of Language faculty according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to foreign language study (having declared, or intending to declare, a major/minor in French or Spanish)
  • Success in foreign language study (students must meet a minimum overall GPA of 3.3 in their coursework at Drury; normally 3.5 or higher in their language courses)
  • University standing (Junior, Sophomore, Freshman)
  • Financial need may also be taken into consideration

Educational Service Our goal for these Scholarships is to increase the understanding of international cultures not only for our students, but also for this region. Students will therefore be required, upon their return, to share their educational and cultural experiences with Drury and the larger community. This could include presentations in appropriate classes, university clubs, venues such as the campus Global Luncheon Series, or civic organizations. This also might include tutoring services on campus or with local elementary, middle school, or high school students. The Department of Languages can think of no better way for the understanding of international cultures to occur than to have our best students acting as foreign language ambassadors at Drury and in the Springfield area.

Application Materials A completed application form (available in 210 Pearsons Hall) must accompany a one-page letter describing to the committee your interest in and commitment to foreign language study, when and where you plan to study abroad, details of your foreign language course(s), and the Educational Service you will participate in upon your return.

For further questions, please contact Dr. Cathy Blunk (

C.W. Titus Foundation Scholarship Application (PDF)

C.W. Titus Foundation Scholarship Application (.doc)