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Climbing Club

About the Organization
We are a group of driven individuals who enjoy the thrill of rock climbing and wish to share it with others. This club is the ideal place to meet a new circle of friends who are passionate about something. Everyone comes to work together to improve basic skills and conquer new challenges.

Members meet weekly at the Drury fountains and go out climbing together from 6-9pm.

How to Join
If you want to join, just show up before we all head over to the climbing gym. No hassle, no paper work. We just want everyone to enjoy the challenge of climbing.


Campus Advisor
Raymond Patton
Assistant Professor of History
Burnham Hall, Room 300
(417) 873-7368

At a Glance

  • Recreational organization
  • Open membership
  • Meetings once a week
  • Members pay dues
  • To join, attend meetings