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Treasurers are responsible for keeping up to date on all financial matters pertaining to the organization and managing the finances in relation to the organization's activities, meetings and programs. Treasurers should maintain at minimum monthly contact with the campus advisor and organization members to ensure that the organization is spending responsibly in a way that promotes the purpose of the student organization. 

Potential Responsibilities

  • Leads and mentors members on all financial matters
  • Oversees and implements all funding for events
  • Pays expenses and collects revenue and organizations dues
  • Keeps detailed and organized financial records for the organization
  • Prepares and submits regular financial reports to members
  • Prepares annual budget and audit for SGA funding
  • Is familiar with accounting policies & procedures
  • Coordinates fundraising activities
  • Remains fair and impartial during organization decision making processes

Attributes of a Good Treasurer

  • Meticulous: Competent and comfortable as the person in charge of finances for the organization. Attends meetings and organization activities.
  • Organized Understands the regular operations needed to maintain a well-run organization. Knows what is happening financially with the organization at all times…funding issues, fundraising plans, expenses, revenue sources, etc.
  • Noble: Earned respect through being trustworthy, honest, and demonstrates a genuine interest in the welfare of the organization. Comprehends and conducts timely and professional financial communication regularly.
  • Educated: Familiar with the rules, policies, and regulations of the university, and the bylaws of the organization. Makes good decisions.
  • Year-Round Consistency: Willing to assist the organization when necessary. Enjoys being associated with the organization and is very involved.