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Student Organizations Training Workshops (SOTW)

All student organizations and club sports that are registered and renewed through the Student Activities Office need to complete the Student Organizations Training Workshop step, as described in the Registration/Renewal Process. Every organization must have 2 officers on file with the Student Activities Office as having attended a SOTW. Workshops will be held in the Student Activities Office, FSC 124.

Student Organizations Training Workshop Dates

Officers of student organizations and club sports that held elections in the months of March, April, May, and August should attend one of the following workshops:

  • Tuesday, September 29th @ 11:00am
  • Tuesday, September 29th @ 3:30pm
  • Wednesday, September 30th @ 12:00pm
  • Wednesday, September 30th @ 8:15pm
  • Thursday, October 1st @ 11:00am

Do You Need to Attend a SOTW?

Some officers may be exempt from having to attend a SOTW, or may not be required to. Student officers fitting at least one of the following criteria do not have to attend a workshop for the current academic year:

  1. If you hold an executive position in a sorority or fraternity
  2. If you attended a SOTW in spring of 2015
  3. If you have already attended a SOTW for another organization in the current academic year (you do not need to attend twice just because you're an officer in 2 organizations)

Any questions or concerns should be directed towards the Student Activities Office at In addition, please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend any of the workshop dates listed above.