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Student Activities Fair Standards

The Student Activities Office maintains basic standards to ensure that first-year student participants have a safe, fun and comfortable time during the Student Activities Fair.  To ensure this experience, vendors are required to comply with all Student Activities Fair standards.

Registration Requirements
Student organizations, clubs, teams, and departments must register to participate in the Student Activities Fair. Registrations will take place July 1st to August 15th. It is the responsibility of the student organization to ensure that the group is properly registered for the Student Activities Fair.  No late registrations will be accepted after the deadline.

Groups with Late Registration or No Registration
Groups with late registrations and non-registered groups will not be allowed to participate in the fair.

Participant Selection

The Student Activities will select Student Activities Fair participants based on key areas:

  • Previous participation: If the group has previously participated, was it a positive experience for students?  
  • Policy compliance: Does the nature of the group follow university policies, federal, state and local laws?
  • Student interest: Does the group provide a safe opportunity for new students to get involved?  Will this group provide a distinctive experience for students at Drury?
  • Group individuality: Is this group unique in relation to other student organizations at Drury University or has another similar group already registered?

Upon approval, the group contact will receive a confirmation letter from the Student Activities Office.  Keep the official Student Activities Fair Participation confirmation letter on file. The group's registration is effective for the current event only.

Display & Presentation Standards

Student Activities participants are required to adhere to event standards, including:

  • Presentation: Has recognizable effort gone into the display and any handouts that are given to students?
  • Organization: Do group members know what they are doing? Is their display understandable and appropriate for new students? Is the group able to answer student questions?
  • Approachability: Are group members enthusiastic and approaching new students in a fun and appropriate manner?
  • Excitement: Is there a group of students around the table?  Does this look like an event hot-spot or a key-interest group?
  • Accountability: Is this student organization adhering to Student Activities Fair guidelines? Is this group being a good steward of their space and participation privileges?

Absence Process

If a group is going to be late or can’t attend the Student Activities Fair, the group must alert the Student Activities Office at least twelve hours in advance (by 11:59 pm the day before the event).

Late Arrivals or No-shows

Groups must follow the published schedule to participate in the Student Activities Fair.  Groups must arrive on time, be set-up on time and be ready to participate when new students arrive. 

Groups that arrive late will not be allowed to participate in the current Student Activities Fair and participation in future Student Activities Fairs may be limited. 
Groups that register, but don’t show up may have limited or no participation in future Student Activities Fairs.

If a group that has registered fails to show up or is late and does not inform the Student Activities Office with proper advanced notice, they will be subject to a $25.00 fine, which must be paid in order for the group to be renewed for the academic year.

The $25.00 fine will go towards covering the expenses of the Student Activities Fair.