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Secretaries are the behind the scene organizers that ensure all organization activities run smoothly. Secretaries work closely with group members and other group officers by keeping records of group meetings and managing day to day operations.

Responsibilities of the Secretary

  • Take detailed and organized minutes of every official organization meeting
  • Publish an agenda for all organization meetings
  • Manage all organization social media outlets
  • Manage organization email
  • Archive all major organization decisions
  • Keep records of organization activities

Attributes of a good Secretary

  • Organized: Able to organize and manage multiple responsibilities at once
  • Record: Always attentive during organization meetings in order to record accurate minutes.
  • Dedicated: Understands the importance of being present to manage day to day operations.
  • Energize: Able to use social media outlets to excite current members and market the organization to potential new members.
  • Relate: Manage an archive that can be used as a reference to relate to when making decisions.