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Promotional Ideas

Promotional Ideas
Registered student organizations are allowed to take advantage of all of the publicity & promotional ideas to increase awareness in their group events.

Student Organizations are required to complete the Publicity Registration Form at least 1 week before publicity is printed for all Chalking and Ground-Based PR, Distributed Materials, Mailed Materials and Posted Materials.

For Electronic Media Publicity, student organizations should email to begin the process for publicizing events. 24 hour notice is required for email-based publicity and 1 week notice is required for website-based publicity.

By using the ideas listed in this section, groups can take advantage of available opportunities:

  • Buttons: A button maker machine and materials are available for use through the Student Life Center, FSC 108. Buttons are 25 cents each. Call the Student Life Center at 873-6871 to make a reservation to use the machine.
  • Chalking & Ground-Based PR: Groups may PR their event by writing in chalk or making footprints or arrows leading people towards events. Washable chalk must be used and chalk writing may only be written on the ground where rain can wash it away.
  • Classroom Bulletin Boards: Departmental clubs and organizations most often use this option. For approval in academic buildings, speak with the department staff.
  • Doorknob Signs: Doorknob signs may be posted in the residential areas and in university buildings. For residential facilities approval, speak with the Residence Life Staff. For academic buildings approval, speak with department staff.
  • Drury Web Page Announcements: Registered student organizations may submit event information to for inclusion in regular campus e-updates. A Drury University contact person must be provided and information may be edited for content and length.
  • E-Mail Announcements: All student, faculty, and staff e-mails announcements for student organizations are sent through the Office of Student Involvement. E-mail the format and content ready announcement to Incomplete messages will not be sent. Information may be edited for content.
  • Flyers in Residential Mailboxes: Organizations may either coordinate mailing information through campus mail or speak with Residence Life Staff regarding placing flyers and information in residential mailboxes. All information placed in residential hall mailboxes may need to be approved by the Residence Life staff, FSC 108.
  • Freebies: Students love free t-shirts and tickets. A great and effective way to PR your event is to hand out freebies to students that visit your event, or that can help you PR your event by wearing the freebie. If your group decides to sell shirts or tickets as part of its fundraising efforts, the price for the shirt or ticket will need to be clearly marked.
  • Information Tables: Information tables in building lobbies are available for use by all registered student organizations. Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Organizations are responsible for setting up and taking down all supplies used at the table with each use.
  • Line Leaflets: Handing out information to students waiting in line is another option to make information available. Commonly occurring lines on campus are: commons and CX lines, theater show lines, book buyback lines. Your group may need to get approval from a department or office before handing out information to students waiting in line.
  • Mailers: Mailing label information and spreadsheets are available to assist with publicity mailers. To request mailing labels or a spreadsheet of information, complete the List & Label Request Form at least one week before needed.
  • Posters, Flyers & Banners: Organizations should post flyers, posters, and banners only in designated areas on campus. All flyers and posters must clearly state the name of the registered student organization.
  • Press Releases: University Communications manages the distribution of PR to the community. Community press releases must follow the UC guidelines for press release distribution. If an organization would like help designing an ad for community media exposure, contact the UC office for availability of designers. A one-month notice is requested.
  • Student Newspaper Announcements: Student organizations interested in posting their event information in Drury's weekly campus newspaper should contact the Mirror staff at
  • Student Organization [bealeader] Network Announcements: The Student Organization Network publications and publicity are sent to all student leaders and campus advisors of organizations to keep each group informed of news, events, policies, and information they need as campus leaders. Information must be received by the first of each month to be included in that month's publications and publicity. With limited space available, submissions are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Information may be edited for content or space.
  • Tables, Tents & Signs: Table tents and signs may be placed in buildings during normal operating hours. All table tents and signs must be related to a university-related event and must be placed and picked up by student organization representatives. Pastel or white paper is recommended for use with all table signs. Fluorescent and bold or dark colored paper is discouraged and will be removed to prevent damage to tablecloths. Continued failure to remove outdated table tents and signs could result in loss of privileges for table tent and sign advertising.
  • Word of Mouth: Word of mouth is one of the best mediums and the least expensive. Once you have established a publicity committee, they should PR your event to the public by talking up the event in classes, work, other clubs meetings, and common student areas. People will become interested because enthusiasm is contagious!