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Panthers for Prevention

About the Organization

Panthers for Prevention is a health and wellness organization that promotes and encourages healthy decisions among the Drury Community. Panthers for Prevention fulfills this mission through various educational programming events and partnerships with other Drury and local community organizations with similar goals. Some of these organizations include Fanthers, Pre-Health Professions, RLA, Community Partnership of the Ozarks and Partners in Prevention. These efforts fulfill Drury’s mission to “…foster practical knowledge; and to liberate persons to participate responsibly in and contribute to a global community.” (Strategic Plan: Engaging Our Future 2012-2017)

Panthers for Prevention

Panthers for Prevention Motto
Empowering Drury’s Community to make healthier lifestyle choices at college and beyond though social norming and health & wellness campaigns

Panthers for Prevention Core Values

  1. Education: Panthers for Prevention educates students through programming events & useful information in the form of flyers, giveaways, etc.
  2. Empowerment: Panthers for Prevention seeks to empower students to make better decisions at college and beyond.
  3. Social Norming: Panthers for Prevention knows that students often make certain decisions based on what they perceive to be normal and socially acceptable. Panthers for Prevention helps students realize that they are not alone in making healthy and responsible decisions.
  4. Collaboration: Panthers for Prevention works with other Drury and local community organizations to achieve a common goal of wellness and responsibility among students.
  5. Practical Knowledge: Panthers for Prevention knows that in order for students to perform well professionally, they must take care of themselves individually. Panthers for Prevention aids in this process by offering additional information and resources that enable students to make better decisions now and in the future.

Panthers for Prevention Objectives
Panthers for Prevention enhances the Drury experience by empowering members of its community to take charge of their mental and physical well-being to enable them to be more successful in their academic and professional endeavors.

  • Facilitate thought-provoking conversations and present materials to educate students on physical, mental & emotional wellness
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their health & wellness

Panthers for Prevention Meeting Times

  • Coalition Meetings: (Typically for Staff & Faculty, but Students are always welcome to join)
    • Occur the 2nd Monday of the Month at 2pm in FSC 204
  • Student Meetings:
    • Every other Monday at 5 pm in FSC 108

How to Join

We are now accepting new members. In order to join, please attend the student meetings. Please contact the Co-Directors of Prevention in the Residence Life Office (FSC 108) or call the office number at (417)-873-7423.

Engaged Learning Credit

Did you know that your work in Panthers for Prevention can count for one of your Engaged Learning Credits? Please see a Panthers for Prevention Advisor for details.