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Helpful Hints for Treasurers


  • Completely read and understand the Guidelines and Policies affecting Treasurers. It covers the guidelines & procedures for processing request for checks, deposits, etc. It will answer most of your questions.
  • Complete all request for check forms thoroughly – particularly the detailed description. Incomplete vouchers will not be processed.
  • Always request ITEMIZED receipts (even for pizza!). Non-itemized receipts may not be processed for reimbursement.
  • Post all transactions in your ledger on a regular basis. Keep track of each & every transaction (even the voided ones) & deposit. Make sure to keep all receipts for auditing purposes.
  • Try to deposit all checks and cash within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Balance your account monthly.
  • Keep copies of all financial records a minimum of four years. Books need to be turned into SGA for auditing during the spring semester.
  • Re-register your organization with the Office of Student Organizations each academic year.


  • Open an account at a local bank. All of your money needs to be deposited in your organization’s account at the Drury University Business Office window (B100).
  • Keep cash on hand. Petty cash funds or slush funds are not permitted.
  • Pay individuals and/or performers in CASH. Payments for any “services rendered” have to be paid from DU directly to the individual. You cannot be reimbursed for payments you make to individuals for services they provided. You need to have a written contract/agreement and a completed W-9 tax form in order to process payment.