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Finance Policy

Student organizations are expected to maintain sound financial management practices with all funds relating to the organization.  Registered student organizations are considered an affiliate of Drury University and are subject to the university's policies & procedures. 

Business Office Accounts
All registered student organizations must maintain their account with the Drury University business office. A separate bank account is strictly prohibited. Because of International Office Requirements, only Greek organizations that are recognized by IFC or Panhellenic Council are exempt from this requirement.

Student Organization Spending
The leadership team of organizations is responsible for making sure their groups are financially sound.

The elected student financial leader should be handling the books and processing the paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.  The student financial leader should regularly consult with the campus advisor regarding student organization financial maters. 

If they are not meeting those responsibilities, it is advisable for your organization to elect a new student financial leader.

Financial Responsibility of Organizations
The University is not responsible for debts or other liabilities of student groups. All new and continuing members of groups, as well as businesses where products and services are ordered, should be informed of this. Officers of groups may be held liable for financial obligations incurred by the group.

Deficit Spending
Deficit spending will not and cannot be accepted.  In the event that a student organization overdraws its account, it is that group’s responsibility to make up the balance before the end of the academic year (Groups could charge membership dues, seek departmental or outside sponsorship, or fundraise donations).   

If the account is still negative at the end of the fiscal year, it is up to the Campus Advisor of the organization and his or her appropriate Vice President to determine a departmental account to charge.

Advances need to be accounted for within 60 days of the event. This is an IRS requirement. This means receipts and/or cash totaling the amount of the advance need to be submitted to our office. Advances are charged to the recipient's student/faculty/staff account when issued. When accounted for, the appropriate amount is charged to the correct department account and removed from the receivable account.

All financial information and documents are subject to be audited at any time upon request by the Student Activities Office.  Student organizations receiving funding from Student Government Association are subject to be audited annually by SGA, but may also be audited at any time upon request by SGA.

Tax Exempt Status
Drury University is exempt from sales tax. All registered student organizations are also exempt from sales tax by using the Drury University tax-exempt letter.

Purchases should not include sales tax. This includes meals.

The Student Activities Office can supply you with a copy of the Drury University tax-exempt letter to be used for any taxable purchase.

Organizational Funds Usage
Organization funds should be used to further the mission of the organization, enhance the community of current members, or to recruit future members. 

Organizational funds cannot be used for the personal benefit of an