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Each year students, faculty, staff, groups, and alumni at Drury University exceed expectations and prove to be exemplary. Drury recognizes outstanding students, employees, groups, and alumni in multiple ways. One way is through the Drury Awards. The Student Activities Office, Student Government Association, Community Outreach & Leadership Development, , President’s Council on Sustainability, President’s Council on Wellness, and the President’s Council on Inclusion want to recognize exceptional students, devoted mentors, and outstanding groups for their commitment to enhancing the Drury University experience. Monthly Drury Spotlight Awards are announced on the 15th of each month and the overall Drury President’s Awards will be presented at the end of the spring semester by the University President and the Drury Awards Committee.

The categories of the awards are:

  • Community Engagement- This monthly award recognizes volunteers for their outstanding service and contributions to the community.
    • The President’s Award for the organization with the best overall community engagement program is called the Panther Service Cup and groups must apply to be considered. Click here for more information and the application:
  • Diversity/Inclusion- This award highlights those in the Drury community who affirm the equality and worth of all people and appreciate the diversity of human culture, language, history and experience.
  • Student Involvement- The Student Involvement Award recognizes members of the Drury community who place value on the student experience through Drury’s student organizations.  Ideal recipients make significant contributions to student organizations by exemplifying excellent leadership skills, as well as integrity, service, innovation, and meaningful involvement every day.
  • Sustainability- This award recognizes the exceptional personal efforts or community leadership of individuals who strive to improve Drury's or the community's environmental impact in ways that also improve the lives of people and the economic bottom line.
  • Wellness- Drury University’s sixth campus value is “Commit to a culture of wellness.” This award selects those of the Drury Community who live committed to a personal and community culture of wellness.

Process for Monthly Drury Spotlight Award Nominations

Step 1:
Complete the Drury Awards Nomination Form by the 1st of the Month (September-November and February-April):

This form may be completed by anyone in the Drury community. Nominate someone here.
You may nominate a student, faculty/staff member, alumni, or group (organization, class, etc.) within the categories listed above.

Step 2:
Nominations are Reviewed and Winners are Selected:

Various Drury Departments will select the Spotlight winners and the President’s Awards winners.

Step 3:
Winners are announced:

Monthly Spotlight winners will be announced on the 15th of each month via Drury’s Facebook and Twitter Pages, DormTV, and The Mirror.

The winners will be recognized during the Drury President's Awards ceremony held each year at the end of the spring semester.
All questions, ideas, and comments regarding the Drury Awards may be directed to the Student Activities Office at

Drury Monthly Spotlight Award Winners 2014-2015 


Month Category Winner
September Student Involvement Sean Feher
September Student Involvement Alexis Dutt
September Community Engagement Emma Huggett
September Diversity Lexi Brewer
September Community Engagement Dr. Raymond Patton
September Wellness Walker Jones
October Student Experience & Involvement Bayless Thompson
October Student Experience Carley Tilley
October Community Engagement Christina Collado
October Student Experience Jane Bennett
October Diversity/ Inclusion Leaster Gibson
October Community Engagement Rich Conyers
October Community Engagement Ryan Swan
October Community Engagement Soccer
October Sustainability Ted Boland
November Community Engagement Blaine Whisenhunt
November Community Engagement Christine Bass
November Community Engagement Dukes
November Student Experience Grant Dodge
November Community Engagement Jo Van Arkel
November Student Experience Megan Reidy
November Wellness Merry Yeager
November Student Experience Natasha Sandford
February Community Engagement Eleni Dellagrammaticas
February Wellness Dr. Janis Prewitt
February Student Experience Dr. James Simmerman
February Student Experience Ken Scislaw
February Community Engagement Scott Puryear
February Community Engagement Dr. Rick Maxson
February Community Engagement Claire Hubert
March Sustainability Zoe Mack

Drury President’s Award Winners

2012-2013 Student Experience/ Involvement: Student Carly Wingert
2012-2013 Student Experience/Involvement: Faculty/Staff Jenay Lamy
2012-2013 Studnet Experience/Involvement: Campus Advisor Ashley Davenport
2012-2013 Student Experience/Involvement: Alumni Laurel Stevenson
2012-2013 Studnet Experience/Invovlement: Group Fanthers
2012-2013 Community Engagement: Student Lisa Luu
2012-2013 Community Engagement: Student Ayla Yeargain
2012-2013 Community Engagement: Faculty/Staff Dr. Jonathan Groves
2012-2013 Community Engagement: Faculty/Staff Dr. Robin Sronce
2012-2013 Diversity/Inclusion: Student Mykesha Jackson
2012-2013 Diversity/Inclusion: Faculty/Staff Dr. Peter Meidlinger
2012-2013 Diversity/Inclusion: Faculty/Staff Dr. Mark Wood
2012-2013 Diversity/Inclusion: Faculty/Staff Dr. Bruce Callen
2012-2013 Diversity/Inclusion: Faculty/Staff Charlyn Ingwerson
2012-2013 Diversity/Inclusion: Alumni Nate Quinn
2012-2013 Wellness: Student Brittany Layton
2012-2013 Wellness: Faculty/Staff Dr. Peter Browning
2012-2013 Wellness: Alumni Tom Singleton
2012-2013 Sustainability: Group Enactus GreenScore Team
2012-2013 Panther Service Cup Pi Beta Phi

Past Drury President's Awards Winners

2011-2012 Student Organization of the Year Fanthers
2011-2012 Campus Advisor of the Year Brian Shipman / Ryan Pigg (Tennis Club)
2011-2012 Student Leader of the Year Garret Shelenhamer
2011-2012 Emerging Leader of the Year Erica Ramsey
2011-2012 Innovative Award for Leadership Art of Space
2010-2011 Student Organization of the Year Think Green!
2010-2011 Campus Advisor of the Year Dr. Mary Utley
2010-2011 Student Leader of the Year Kyle Myers, SUB
2010-2011 Emerging Leader of the Year Mary Elizabeth Latch, Authentic
2010-2011 Innovative Award for Leadership Garret Shelenhammer and Christine Collins, DVC
2009-2010 Student Organization of the Year Residence Life Association 
2009-2010 Campus Advisor of the Year Mark Geiss and Paige Buschling, Outdoor Club
2009-2010 Student Leader of the Year Catherine Jones, RLA
2009-2010 Emerging Leader of the Year Samantha DeArmon, Pi Beta Phi and Panhellenic
2008-2009 Student Organization of the Year Think Green!
2008-2009 Campus Advisor of the Year Dr. John Taylor, SIFE
2008-2009 Student Leader of the Year Molly Hague, Pi Beta Phi
2008-2009 Emerging Leader of the Year Valerie Abbott, Zeta Tau Alpha
2007-2008 Student Organization of the Year Bacchus
2007-2008 Campus Advisor of the Year Matt Battaglia, SGA and Authentic
2007-2008 Student Leader of the Year Ashley Na'ayem, SGA
2007-2008 Emerging Leader of the Year Amy Maas, Zeta Tau Alpha

SGA Awards

2012-2013 Staff of the Year Michael Thomas
2012-2013 Faculty of the Year Bob Robertson
2012-2013 Senator of the Year Tyler Cowley
2012-2013 Leadership of the Year Maximillioan Byers
2012-2013 Faculty/Staff Charlyn Ingwerson
2012-2013 Alumni Nate Quinn