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Criminology Club

About the Group
The Criminology Club participates in social, service, and educational activities related to the fields of criminology and criminal justice. In the past, the club has sponsored movie nights and invited students, from across campus, to view films that contain content of a criminal justice nature (i.e. "Winter's Bone", "The Lincoln Lawyer", "Conviction"). Other club activities have included participating in fund-raising events to support student travel to research conferences; hosting a Murder Mystery Party for club members, guests, and faculty from the Behavioral Sciences Department; inviting criminal justice professionals (i.e. Springfield Police Officers,etc) to share information about their occupations with club members; and purchasing holiday gifts and attending a holiday dinner with juveniles housed under the Division of Youth Services. Club members meet bi-monthly to discuss club activities and focus on choosing events that provide educational value to club members, promote social interactions among club members, and that make contributions to the surrounding Springfield community.


Criminology Club meets every other Tuesday in Pearson's Hall, Room 214, at 11am.

How to Join
Criminology Club is open to all students interested in the fields of criminology and criminal justice. There are no set criteria for club memberships.

Campus Advisor
Dr. Jennie Long
Pearsons Hall, Room 206

At a Glance:

  • Departmental group
  • Open membership
  • First-year student involvement welcome
  • Meetings twice a month
  • No invovlement fees
  • To join, attend meetings