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Campus Advisor Resources

You may be wondering why a student organization would want a campus advisor when most of the students are competent and capable leaders. Campus advisor involvement can significantly benefit the student organization. Given the myriad of purposes, activities, and objectives of various student groups, the role of the advisor will vary in some degree between groups.

Some advisors play very active roles, attending meetings, working with student officers, and assisting in program planning and development. Others maintain a more distant relationship to the organization. It is hoped that each advisor will maintain some regular contact with his/her organization.

Responsibilities of the Advisor to Individual Group Members

  • Value student wellness: Help the students find balance between all the responsibilities and activities in their lives. Student leaders are most at risk for burn-out.
  • Encourage participation: Each group member should be encouraged to have an active voice in the group. The more involved a student is, the more progress that student will experience.
  • Support Responsibility: Encourage students to take on certain responsibilities within the group. Form officer positions, committees, etc. Each student should feel invested.

Responsibilities of the Advisor to the Group as a Whole

  • Realism: assist the group in making goals that can be realistically met, and then help members formulate a plan to accomplish these goals.
  • Regular Attendance: the more accessible and advisor is to students for both organization-based and personal issues, the more successful the group will work together as a whole.
  • Assistance with Group Evaluation: the CA should help the group evaluate the effectiveness of programs and the group overall.

Responsibilities of the Advisor to Drury University

  • Attend Training Sessions: policies and responsibilities of campus advisors and student organizations frequently change. It is imperative that training sessions hosted by the Student Activities Office are attended and the new information is taken into account and applied to the organization.
  • Policy Support & Adherence: though it is not the advisor’s job to regulate or discipline, it is their responsibility to the university to remind the students of any policy violations and keep them accountable.