Tips & Resources for Drury Social Media Managers

Keep It Conversational, but Professional

It's true that information shared through social media should be conversational and more casual than "official" communications. This doesn't mean, however, that it should be unprofessional. Remember that you are still representing Drury University through the social "voice," so work hard to find the balance between casual and professional.

Connect with Other Accounts

Get yourself - and your users - connected to other Drury accounts. You can find the complete list of officially registered accounts online. Make sure you follow each other in order to share news, events, and updates from across campus to your followers.

Ask Yourself Why?

Before posting any content on social media, ask yourself why your followers would care. Once you've established that the information is relevant, make sure you're presenting the information in a manner than encourages feedback and interaction.

Develop an Editorial Calendar

One of the toughest aspects of managing an official social media account is coming up with the time to decide what to post. You know that you need to be posting content and engaging with users on a regular basis, but sometimes writer's block hits. Consider developing an editorial calendar by month, semester or year. Plan out some of the key points you want to highlight each week, month or semester, and put those dates down on the calendar. Make sure you have at least 2 to 3 "rainy day" ideas planned for each week.

Always Follow Up

Social media can be an incredibly powerful communication method, or it can be just another forum for having your message get lost in the noise. Empower yourself - and your users - by following up in a timely manner with all inquiries, comments and questions. If you're not sure how to respond to a user, let them know that you've received their inquiry and that you'll be following up - then get the answer from whoever can help, and actually follow up.

Get Some Help

Many account managers are very surprised to discover just how much time managing a social media presence can take. Get yourself some help! Student staff members are some of the most valuable assets for helping you with the day-to-day management of your accounts, and they're usually very comfortable in the social media landscape. Select students you trust - after all, you're giving them a loud voice on behalf of Drury.