SGA Executive Council and Senate

The Executive Council coordinates and distributes the necessary tasks within the Student Government Association. The Executive Council is responsible for adherence to the SGA constitution by the Student Government Association, they represent the Student Government Association to the administration, and are the directing board of SGA general assembly meetings. Each EC member has his or her own respective role and tasks, which enable specific focus to be placed upon the most important aspects of Student Government. The President and Vice-President are elected by the student body, while the Secretary, Treasurer, and Technology Coordinator are selected by the Student Senate of SGA.

Executive Council Members:

President: Cristina Todea

VP of Student Affairs: Zach Thomas

VP of Academic Affairs: Dhruv Sitapara

VP of Inclusion: Payton Stringer

VP of Finance: Jessica Knowles

VP of Communication: Danielle Drake

VP of Technology: Zach Jansen

VP of Sustainability: Lexi Brewer

Senior Class President: Tanner Kirksey

Freshmen Senators:

Michael Childress
Jordan Lundquist
Chelsea McQueen
Cameron Higbe
Mallory Pinson
Kayley Kolman 

Sophomore Senators:

Johan Englen
Katelyn Morrison
Hali Wood
Micaela Lopez
Steven Schupbach

Junior Senators:

Nick Childress
Abigail Akinyemi
Greg Saquing
Roman Shiff
Alex Johnson

At-Large Senators:

Oliver Huestis