How long are SCC appointments?

Individual SCC appointments are made in 30-minute blocks.

How will my professor know I visited the SCC?

For courses that require SCC visits, the SCC will send a notification email to your professor letting him/her know you visited the Center and what you did during your appointment.

What happens to my recorded SCC rehearsal once my appointment is over?

Since you bring your own jump drive to record your SCC presentation, you can take it with you for additional review after your visit.  The SCC will delete any recorded presentations kept on site in order to protect confidentiality. 

Can I operate the SCC recording equipment and computers myself?

Only SCC consultants and Department of Communication faculty/staff can operate the recording equipment and computers. 

Can I leave feedback for my SCC consultant?

After your appointment, you will be emailed a confidential survey to complete so we can learn about your experience. 

What happens if I'm late for my appointment?

Unless you notify us, your appointment may be forfeited if you are more than 5 minutes late.

What happens if I don't make or don't show up for my scheduled appointment?

In order to keep appointments available and open for students, we request you cancel your appointment as soon as possible, with a minimum of 8 hours notice.  Missing or being late for an appointment means someone else is unable to use that open time slot.  Therefore, our policy requires students to wait a full-week before making another appointment after a no-show or a short-notice cancellation (less than 8 hours).  If you're regularly a no-show, we may not allow you to make appointments for the remainder of the semester. 

How often can I visit the SCC?

In order to accommodate all students fairly, we ask you to limit your appointments to no more than 2 a week based on availability. 

Please allow at least 24 hours between scheduled SCC visits so you can take the suggestions of the SCC consultant into consideration, make necessary revisions, and rehearse more before your next appointment.