Speech Communication Center

Meet the SCC Staff

All Speech Communication Center peer consultants are trained Drury students who have successfully completed Drury University’s Presentational Speaking course (COMM 211).


SCC Peer Consultant

Hometown: Springfield, MO
Majors: Advertising and Public Relations
Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, shopping, the lake, crafts, going on adventures, dance parties
Campus Activities: Drury Soccer, Cru
Plans after Graduation: Pursue career in event planning
What I enjoy about being a SCC consultant: I love helping others feel more confident about their speeches.








SCC Peer Consultant

Hometown: Springfield, MO
Majors: History & Communication Studies
Minor: Law and Society
Interests/Hobbies: Politics, Debate, Golf, Basketball
Campus Activities: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Drury Ultimate
Plans after graduation: Attend law school, specializing in Intellectual Property law.
What I enjoy about the public speaking process: Public speaking is arguably one of the most useful tools a person can possess.  I enjoy being able to share ideas and opinions with a variety of people, the challenge of public speaking, and the interplay that exists between myself as a speaker and my audience.  Every person has opinions about the world around them and the ability to speak effectively in public allows for greater exchange of ideas and allows for tremendous growth as an individual.


Cristina GilstrapDr. Cristina Gilstrap

SCC Director
Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Dr. Gilstrap is the coordinator of Drury University’s Presentational Speaking courses (COMM 211) and regularly teaches the course.