Meet the SCC Staff

All Speech Communication Center peer consultants are trained Drury students who have successfully completed Drury University’s Presentational Speaking course (COMM 211).


SCC Peer Consultant

Hometown: Springfield, MO
Major: English and Writing
Interest/Hobbies: Baking, reading, writing, netflixing, singing in the car, and hanging out with
friends and family.
Plans after Graduation: To follow my passion. I would love to one day travel and see the world.
I also would love to one day go to culinary school and become the mom who bakes the best
chocolate chip cookies.
What I enjoy about the public speaking process: As someone who was absolutely terrified to
speak in public I love helping people overcome that fear. I love watching people become better
public speakers because I believe public speaking is one of the most important tools a person can have.

SCC Peer Consultant

Hometown: Branson, MO
Major: Communication Studies/Spanish
Interest/Hobbies: Running, cooking, being with awesome people, and keeping myself busy.
Plans after Graduation: Too many right now. I hope to do some non-profit work for a few years then find myself with a company that is interested in human well-being. What I enjoy about the public speaking process: The person who has a chance to speak in front of others lets their voice be heard. Every one has great ideas, but it is those who are able to convey them who have the opportunity to be successful. How cool is that!