Welcome to the Inaugural Online Issue of the 2011 President's Report

We hope you find the new format—designed to support Drury’s goals of financial and environmental sustainability—both informative and engaging.

In this year’s report, you’ll hear from Drury leadership about our Strategic Plan, our new general education curriculum and the Drury Connect Initiative. You’ll also discover ways that you can be involved in connecting future Drury students to success of their own.

In September, the university launched a 30-second commercial to establish awareness in the community as well as among prospective students and their families. We share it with you to illustrate our new brand theme: Powerful Connections. Invaluable Experience. Every Day. For more information about the campaign, please visit drury.edu/connect

"Our new strategic plan will provide a framework for addressing the critical decisions that lie ahead. It is a plan created on campus by representatives of all constituencies, not a top-down mandate." Todd Parnell, University President Read President Parnell's Letter
Lynn Chipperfield, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

On August 18, 2011, President Parnell announced to the Drury community his and Betty’s decision to authorize the start of the presidential succession process with a view to Todd’s retirement as of May 31, 2013.

Of course, we’ve all anticipated this conversation, much as we all wish he could remain indefinitely. Todd has done amazing things at Drury since we cajoled him out of retirement in 2007, and the university is better and stronger as a result of his efforts.

Todd still has a lot that he wants to get done over the next year and a half, focusing on implementing our new strategic plan, continuing our financial turnaround, and continuing to mentor the talent he has put into responsible positions. In the meantime, James Bone ’80, a member of our Board of Trustees and a highly-respected member of the Drury community, has agreed to chair the Presidential

Search Committee. James is moving forward quickly with the formation of the committee and with establishing an orderly succession process that will be positive, energizing and fully embraced by campus and regional communities.

With many thanks to Todd for what he has done and will continue to do for Drury in the coming months, we look forward to an open and inclusive presidential search process that will engage all of our internal and external constituencies in our commitment to choose the best person to continue Drury's tradition of academic excellence and community engagement.

"Our new general education curriculum, The Drury Core: Engaging our World, which will greet the incoming class of 2012, marks the maturation of Drury’s general education curriculum from the important, but passive, view of encouraging a global perspective to one that asks of us that we commit to becoming globally engaged." Charles Taylor, Vice President for Academic Affairs Read Vice President Taylor's Letter

On October 27, 2010, the Board of Trustees engaged in a far-reaching discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities Drury faces in a world that has changed greatly since the implementation of our strategic plan in 2007.

The Board tasked us with identifying specific strategic imperatives, keyed to those questions that can’t be ducked about our future, in anticipation of revising our Strategic Plan - and to do so in a timely manner.

One week later, the university embarked upon the task of authoring a new strategic plan - one that would provide visionary growth and clear accountability. In June, less than nine months after the assignment had been made, the 2011 Strategic Plan was written, approved by the Board of Trustees and set into action. The real work has begun.

Read the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan
John Beuerlein, Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees

From its inception nearly 140 years ago, Drury College was founded to serve the vital interests of Springfield, Missouri.

Today, Drury University is making a very bold public statement about stepping up that commitment to serve the greater Ozarks region. The Drury community is blessed with many resources including: distinguished faculty thought leaders, bright students eager to volunteer, engaged alumni within the community, and a network of physical facilities throughout the area. The following document outlines how the Drury community intends to partner with the leadership of southwest Missouri and leverage its resources to help the region achieve its strategic objectives for the future.

Read the Drury Connect Initiative
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"What I liked about Drury was that you weren’t a number. Professors knew your name, I knew a majority of the people on campus.

My son’s going to Drury like his dad did. I’m proud he’s going here. I’m glad some of the folks are still here. It’s continuity, it’s community, it’s family."
Jay Mitchell '76

We continue to be inspired and humbled by the many alumni who stay connected to Drury. Whether you are a recent graduate or a longtime supporter, you are each incredibly vaulable and important to the future of Drury.

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