Graduate School Requirements for Graduation

Listed below are the general graduation requirements for the conferral of a Master of Arts and a Master of Science degree at Drury University. To be recommended for a Master’s degree, a candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Satisfactory completion of any prerequisite work outlined in the program of study.
  2. The successful completion of all degree requirements.
  3. At the time of graduation the average cumulative grade must be at least B (3.0). Graduate courses with a final grade below “C” will not be counted toward the student’s degree requirements.
  4. The graduate program must be completed no later than seven calendar years (including transfer work) after the student has begun graduate-level work.
  5. Submission of an Application for Graduation form, no later than the first week of the semester in which graduation is planned. The Application for Graduation form can be found on MyDrury.
  6. There is a graduation fee for all students, whether or not they are participating in the ceremony.
  7. Commencement ceremonies occur in December and May each year. Students must have a clear financial status for the semester in order to participate in the commencement ceremony.
    1. Students eligible to participate in the December ceremony must have applied for graduation, completed a graduation audit, and be on track for degree conferral in December.
    2. Students eligible to participate in the May ceremony must have applied for graduation, completed a graduation audit, and be on track for degree conferral in May or August. Financial holds applied as a result of charges incurred for summer semester registrations only will not prevent a student from participating in the May ceremony.
  8. MED students: The successful completion of EDUC 700 Capstone Seminar or designated culminating course during the last nine hours prior to graduation. Successful completion of a written or oral, comprehensive, master’s degree examination is required as a part of the Capstone Seminar course or culminating graduate course experience.
  9. Due to state board rules pertaining to provisional certification candidates for the Drury Alternative Track in Special Education (DATSE), a track within the MED, may need to complete all required coursework within a time line specified by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The responsibility for understanding and meeting graduation requirements rests entirely with the student. The Graduate Council reserves the right to revise the above requirements for the master’s degrees.