CLEP - Computer-based Testing

Drury University participates in the Computer-Based Examination Program. Credit is awarded for completion of CLEP general and subject examinations.

To receive credit, students must complete the general examinations prior to completion of 30 semester hours of university work. The university will not recognize or award CLEP test credits when current or previous coursework overlaps with the subject of the CLEP test(s). Scaled scores that result in 6 hours credit for each general exam (total possible credits: 30 hours) follow:

English Composition 50
(with or without essay) A student receiving credit for this exam should not enroll for ENGL 150.

Humanities 50

College Mathematics 50

Credit for this exam does not transfer as credit for MATH 100 or MATH 101; students receive elective credit in Mathematics.

Natural Sciences 50
Credit for this exam transfers as elective credit in these areas; credit awarded does not count toward a degree requirement.

Social Sciences and History 50
Each student submitting a CLEP score will be notified of credit awarded. No partial credit is awarded.

CLEP subject examinations may be completed at any time prior to attaining a senior classification if a student has not previously completed a college-level course equal to, or more advanced than, the subject of examination. Because not all subject exams offered are appropriate to Drury degree programs, an agreement must be made with the concerned department chair and a prior determination made as to how completion of the exam will apply toward degree requirements. Subject exams approved for credit must have a test score equal to or greater than 50.

A native speaker (defined as a person who has graduated from high school or higher in the target language) may not receive credit through the CLEP exam in their native language.