How to Enroll for an Overload

Registration for more than 17 credit hours (13 during the summer session) is considered an academic overload. Students who wish to enroll for more than 17 semester hours (13 in summer) should have a grade average of 3.0 or higher in the preceding semester and must obtain the approval of their academic advisor on a Permission to Enroll for an Overload Form (located in MyDrury, on the student tab under “Student Forms”). The approved Overload Form must be on file in the Records and Registration office before a student will be allowed to register for an overload. Students with a grade average below 3.0 must obtain approval from the Dean of the College.

Registration for more than 21 hours (16 in summer) is considered an excessive overload and will require approval by the academic affairs committee well in advance of the beginning of the term.  The deadline to seek this approval is two weeks prior to the last day to add a course. Credit hour overloads are not allowed during the May term or winter term. No more than three semester hours can be earned in either of these short terms.

Credit cannot be given for a course for which you are not officially registered, nor can credit be claimed more than once for the same course unless the course is designated as one that can be repeated.

Students are not admitted to the university for purposes of earning academic credit after the second full week of classes.