About the President's Council on Sustainability

Mission Statement: The President's Council on Sustainability engages the campus community to identify, evaluate and prioritize recommendations to the president and the Cabinet on sustainability issues. Areas the council will address include:

  • Recycling
  • Resource management and conservation
  • Sustainable practices in facility renovation and construction
  • How to catalyze change on the campus and in the community

Current Members

  • Lexi Brewer  
  • Michael Childress
  • Joe Fearn   
  • Brandon Gammill
  • Christopher Green
  • Micaela Lopez
  • Jordan Lundquist
  • Steve Mullins  
  • Ioana Popescu   
  • Karen Spence (Co-chair)

Letter from Your Council

Faculty and Staff -- 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the President’s Council on Sustainability is back! Once again, faculty and staff are working with SGA representatives to coordinate efforts that advance the sustainability of our campus.

While the Council has been away, Facilities has been doing a great job of continuing to make progress with Drury’s environmental impact. For example, in 2011 Drury used 31 million gallons of water. Two years ago, Facilities had cut that to 21 million gallons, and this year they are on track to improve on that mark by another 2 to 3 million gallons of water saved. They have been doing a great job and we’ll be sharing much of their work in the coming months, through announcements and posts.

Because of conversations started in SGA and Facilities and the Council, we want to take this opportunity to announce the latest sustainability project that will be undertaken at Drury. SGA has graciously agreed to contribute $21,500 in student sustainability fees to replace 85% of the exterior lighting on campus. With Ron Cushman and Rob Fridge’s efforts to scrape together a matching amount, lighting on Drury Lane, in the campus parking lots and other campus walks will be lit with new LED lights. This will increase the light levels in these areas to add to campus safety, make the lighting cohesive across campus, have lighting that is directed to help with ‘dark sky’ initiatives, use much less energy and have a payback of less than 5 years. These changes will start this spring and be completed by summer.

So please take the time to thank SGA for its contribution to the campus as the legacy will be a great one, and thank our Facilities for doing such an amazing job with our sustainability efforts at Drury.

Keep up with sustainability news at Drury on the MyDrury Drury Now Council page as well as “DruryGreen” and “Drury Grounds” on facebook.

Your President’s Sustainability Council