Medical Technology Course Descriptions

400 Level Courses
MEDT 401: Clinical Microbiology. 7-9 hours.

Theory and techniques of cultivation, isolation and identification of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, determination of sensitivity to antimicrobial agents, clinical correlation to disease states, asepsis, environmental monitoring, quality control, and quality improvement.

MEDT 402: Clinical Microscopy. 1-2 hours.

Principles and techniques of the physical, chemical and microscopic examination of urine and other body fluids as related to the disease process.

MEDT 403: Clinical Hematology and Coagulation. 6-8 hours.

Theory of blood cell formation, disease states, hemostasis, microscopic examination of blood/bone marrow films, practical experience with instruments and techniques that determine major hematologic and coagulation parameters, quality control, and quality improvement.

MEDT 404: Clinical Biochemistry. 8-10 hours.

Identification and quantification of specific chemical substances in blood and body fluids by analytical techniques, clinical correlation and disease states, principles of instrumentation, data processing, toxicology, quality control, and quality improvement.

MEDT 405: Diagnostic Immunology. 2-4 hours.

Antigen/antibody structure, function and interaction, basic principles and procedures of humoral and cellular immunology, performance and clinical correlation of serologic testing, basic flow cytometry, quality control, and quality improvement.

MEDT 406: Immunohematology. 3-4 hours.

Major blood group systems, principles and procedures for antigen/antibody detection, identification, donor blood collection, preservation, processing, component therapy, transfusion reaction evaluation, Rh immune globulin evaluation, quality control, and quality improvement.