Pre-Health Sciences Program

About the Pre-Physical Therapy Program

Physical therapists specialize in diagnosing,treating and preventing musculoskeletal andneuromuscular disorders that can impair physicalfunction. By enhancing strength, endurance,coordination, flexibility, joint range of motionand providing training for mobility andindependence in the home and throughout thecommunity, physical therapists can improve thequality of life for many people. Most schools offer a master’s degree, but there are a few doctoralprograms. Due to the wide applicability of thisprofession, job opportunities from studentswho graduate from PT school include work inhospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics andcorporations. Requirements beyond core classesinclude: BIOL 205 Human Anatomy, BIOL 206Human Physiology, ECON 201 Basic EconomicTheory, PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology,six additional hours in psychology and medicalterminology, and CPR Certification.

Program curriculum:

CORE 101: Drury Seminar
BIOL 172: Molecular Biology
BIOL 181: Mechanisms of Inheritance
CHEM 208/L: Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 238/238L: Inorganic Chemistry
MATH 231: Calculus I
MATH 227: Statistics
PHYS 211: General Physics I
PHYS 212: General Physics II
ENGL: 207 Expository Writing:Art of the Essay
BIOL 205: Human Anatomy
BIOL 206: Human Physiology
PSYC 101: Principles of Psychology (plus 6 elective hours)
BIOL 305: Medical Terminology
CPR Certification

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