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About the Pre-Optometry Program

Doctors of optometry are health care professionals who examine, diagnose, test and manage diseases and disorders of the eye and its associated structures. In addition to their routine duties, optometrists regularly diagnose systemic diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis during their examinations. Most optometry schools, like other health professional schools, have a four-year program that is equally devoted to in-class lecture and clinical experience. In order to get into optometry school, potential students must take the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). Requirements beyond core classes include:  BIOL 205: Human Anatomy, BIOL 206: Human Physiology, BIOL 208: Microbiology, CHEM 336 Biochemistry, PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology, and three additional hours in psychology.

Program curriculum:

BIOL 172: Molecular Biology 
BIOL 181: Mechanisms of Inheritance 
BIOL 182: Evolution
CHEM 208: Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 208-L: Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 238: Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 238-L: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 315: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 315-L: Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 336: Biochemistry
CHEM 415: Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 415-L: Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CORE 101: Drury Seminar
ENGL 207: Expository Writing
MATH 227: Statistics
MATH 231: Calculus I
PHYS 211: General Physics I 
PHYS 212: General Physics II

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