Political Science Minor

Students often minor in Political Science to complement their academic major and career goals. Common majors paired with a political science minor include business, communications, economics, and history. A total of 21 credit hours in Political Science courses are required to complete the minor.

PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the United States
3 credit hours

Introduction to the theories, constitutional bases, functions and government structures of the U.S. political system in relation to the global political environment. Emphasis on national politics and linkages with state, local and international governments, including an emphasis on Missouri and current issues in domestic and foreign policy.

PLSC 151: Introduction to Comparative Politics
3 credit hours

Introduction to the comparison of different political systems with an examination of liberal democratic societies, communist and post-communist systems, and developing nations with case studies from each category.

PLSC 152: Introduction to International Relations
3 credit hours

A study of the historical background and contemporary organization of the international political system and the world economy.

Choose 12 credit hours from other PLSC course electives and ANTH 200. (At least 6 credit hours of the electives must be at the 300 level)