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Dr. Sean P. Terry

Sean TerryInterim Director of Environmental Programs
Professor of Geography

Office: Burnham Hall, Room 324
Phone: (417) 873-6963
E-Mail: sterry@drury.edu
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Professor Terry joined the faculty at Drury University in 1998.  His latest work How to use the Unwritten Rules of Success to build your Dream Career is a book containing innovative advising strategies to help students succeed in college and in the professional world.   Dr. Terry has been honored for his work in teaching, service, and academics.  As a scholar, Dr. Terry's work uses the tools of geography to conduct environmental research.  His classes on this subject have gathered data on Marine Debris in Hawaii, climate relationships to agriculture in Greece, and water quality in the Ozarks region.  Dr. Terry is also recognized as an expert in geographic education, serving as the Missouri state director of education for The National Geographic Society.  National presentations include the use of food and cuisine to add interest in the teaching of geography.  In addition to teaching, Dr. Terry speaks and conducts workshops on student success, environmental issues, and geography education.

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B.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1988 (Environmental Geography)
M.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1991 (Resource Planning)
Thesis: A Study of Land Use-Determined Water Quality Near Lakeview, Missouri.
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma-Norman, 1995 (Geography)
Dissertation: Surface Impacts and Landscape Change in the Healdton Oil Field, Oklahoma.

Drury University faculty member since 1999
Professor since 2011

Nationally Published Book Releases
Terry, Sean P. 2012. How to use the Unwritten Rules of Success to build your Dream Career.Published by Xlibris.com for Amazon, ibooks and Barnes and Noble.

Terry, Sean P. (2001, 2002). Geography Voyageur. A 10-Chapter Teacher's guide and lesson plan nationally released by Associated Instructional Technologies, and McDougal-Littell Publishers for use in K-12 geography education classrooms.

Educational Publications
Terry, Sean P. (2005). Editor and reviewer of Middle School World Geography 2007 Textbook, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, publishers.

Terry, Sean P. (2005). Editor and reviewer of Missouri State Pupil Edition 2007, Social Studies Textbook, MacMillan McGraw-Hill publishers.

Refered Publications
Sean Terry, 2005. Book review of "Grand Excursions on the Upper Mississippi River".  Historical Geography, volume 33.

Terry, Sean P. (1999). Production History of the Healdton Field, Oklahoma. Vol. 56, No. 5. Oklahoma Geology Notes. Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman.

Terry, Sean P. (1996). Effects of Wastewater Disposal on an Oil Field Landscape. Published in Environmental Geosciences, V3. No.3.