Political Science

American Political Studies Major

Students that major in American Political Studies will focus on taking courses that examine the system of representative democracy in the United States. Students investigate every aspect of the democratic process, including the mass political participation of the electorate, public policy, government institutions and constitutional foundations. Career options for political science majors include positions in consulting, law, diplomacy, business, elected office, nonprofit organizations, lobbying and education. All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses. Day school students are not allowed to register for online and CCPS courses during the fall and spring semesters. 

PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the United States
PLSC 150: Beyond the Headlines: Tools for Engaging the Political World
PLSC 151: Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLSC 152: Introduction to International Relations
PLSC 153 Introduction to Political Theory
PLSC 250: Introduction to Political Inquiry
PLSC 494: Senior Research Seminar

Choose 15 credit hours from the following:
PLSC 220: Introduction to Law and Society
PLSC 302: U.S. Foreign Policy
PLSC 322: American Environmental Politics
PLSC 332: Political Parties, Elections and Interest Groups
PLSC 335: Supreme Court and Constitutional Law
PLSC 337: United States Congress
PLSC 338: United States Presidency
PLSC 339: Politics in Popular Culture
PLSC 357: Politics and Culture in Mexico, Canada and the United States
PLSC 368: Washington Center: Studies in American Politics
PLSC 370: Women and Politics
PLSC 380 Western Political Thought
PLSC 383 American Social and Political Thought
PLSC 384: Political Liberalism and Justice
PLSC 386: Political Theory of the Federalist Papers
PLSC 442: Rhetorical Criticism