About the Physics Program

The Drury physics department is strongly student oriented. A complete range of courses is offered for a major and a minor, giving students the option of preparing for graduate study in physics, math or engineering, an industrial position, the teaching profession or professional careers in law and medicine.

The physics faculty have wide and varied backgrounds. Their research interests and experience include orbital debris modeling and planetary ring dynamics; robotics and human motion; monitoring of nuclear testing agreements; high energy physics; complex systems; and physics education, particularly the use of scientific modeling in instruction, developing student understanding throughout the curriculum and building instruments that measure student value for learning in math and science.

The physics laboratories are equipped with computers interfaced with a wide variety of sensors for analyzing data (i.e. temperature, motion, magnetic fields, sound, etc.). Two multi-channel sodium iodide gamma ray systems are fully computer integrated. A suite of 8- to 14-inch telescopes and CCD cameras utilize computer control for recording images.