Tips for Parents

To help you get through the first year!

  • Be supportive. Not just financially, but in the form of emotional support. Don't demand too much from your child; give them room to grow.
  • Accept changes. When a son or daughter leaves home, they will change. They are becoming a young adult and they are no longer your baby. Just remember what you were like at that age and how your parents reacted.
  • Don't expect students to work too many hours at a job. His or her first priority should be schoolwork, not employment issues. They will have plenty of time after college.
  • Encourage goal setting, but don't force it upon the unwilling. Allow your child the freedom to explore and choose.
  • When it comes to selecting a major, make sure the student is choosing something they want to pursue, not something that you want them to do. Encourage them to figure out a major that deals with their interests and abilities.
  • If your student is having a hard time adjusting to academic standards, encourage them to ask questions in class and get assistance outside of class.
  • Try not to become too involved in your student's course selections. People around Drury might offer more constructive assistance to your student.
  • Don't rush in and "save the day" for your son or daughter. If you let them resolve problems on their own they will be able to learn more about independence and being a competent adult.
  • There are many pressures at Drury. Try not to unload more home life pressures at difficult times for your student such as finals week.
  • Forward pieces of mail from home to your student's new address here at Drury. It will give them a greater sense of independence and allow them to separate themselves from home a little easier.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to participate in activities on campus. Not only will this help them meet more people on campus; it will occupy moments of a student's week that could potentially give them time to feel lonely or depressed.
  • If you receive a homesick phone call during the first month, don't overreact. College students go through an adjustment period and this is part of it.