Panther Passport Program

What is the Panther Passport Program?

The Panther Passport Program is designed to encourage campus, community, cultural, and professional involvement, as well as allow students to grow as individuals as they expand their professional network.

Program activities are divided into four categories:

Campus: Convocation, Service, Arts, Athletics, Activities, etc.
Community: Community festivals, Community events, Professional and Community Organizations, Charitable Outreach, etc

Cultural: Campus and Community events that are experiential and educational
Connection: Career Planning & Development Opportunities

How do we track attendance?
It's easy, there are three different ways we will record attendance:

  • Students use their Drury Student ID to scan in and out at events on campus
  • When you attend community events, you'll take a photo of yourself at the event and submit it via email.
  • For other events, the advisor will submit a list of participants.