What is the Panther Passport Program?

The mission of the Panther Passport Program is to encourage campus, community, cultural, and professional involvement, as well as allow students to grow as individuals as they expand their professional network.

Sample of Program Activities

  • campus convocations
  • athletic events
  • fine arts events
  • career planning workshops
  • community events
  • professional networking opportunities
  • fun on-campus activities
  • meaningful off-campus activities

How do we track attendance?

  • The Passport Program uses the Fanthers app to track attendance. 
    • In order to get credit for your events, make sure to put in all of your profile information including your name, email address, Drury ID, and check "yes" under the Passport Participant bar.
  • We send out weekly emails to let you know how many more events you need to attend to get your prize!