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Panther Passport FAQs

Q:  How do I know which events I get credit for?

Monthly & Weekly emails along with D.Cal and/or our facebook page for the most up-to-date information

Q:  What if I forget my Drury ID or forget to scan myself in at an event?

You must bring your university issued ID to all campus events. Community events require a proof of attendance submission to receive credit.

Q: What should I look for at each event?  Where will the scan system be?

Look for the Passport scanning computer system and the sign.  We will be close to the entrance at most events.   

Q:  How will you know if I stay for the entire event?

Some events you will need to scan in before the event starts and scan out at the end of the event.  If you need to scan in and out, that information will be posted at the sign-in table or an email will be sent to notify you.

Q: Can I suggest events?

YES!  We are always looking for events to add on campus and off.  If you know of an event that you think should be eligible for passport credit, email and we will consider it!  Once your event is approved, we will add it to the official calendar and maybe even to the Facebook page. 

Q:  Will "away" games be counted?

You can receive credit for attending away games. You must submit a proof of attendance to the passport office (FSC 120) in a timely manner.

Q: Do I get credit for the events I'm required to already do like play in concerts, compete as a member of an athletic game, act in a play, or go to for extra credit in a class? 
A: YES!  That's one of the great things about the program.  You will just scan in like all the other students at each event.  Students CAN earn credit for attending events they are required to attend for class credit, team membership, or other required participation.  I.e.  Someone on an athletic team can earn credit for playing in a match/game, a student acting in a play or performing in a concert can earn credit for participating in that event. 

Q:  How do I make sure the Passport office recorded all my events? 
A:  Students are required to confirm with the Passport office that we have all the events you attended recorded accurately each semester.  When you scan in at the event, be sure you see the big green check mark on the screen.  Keep track of the events you attended on your Passport worksheet so you can compare your records with ours! 

Q: What if it is close to the end of the semester/year and there aren't any more events to attend and I still need to earn credit in some of the categories?
A:  That's one of the life lessons the Panther Passport Program teaches.  Each student will need to utilize the worksheet and PLAN OUT their activities for the semester/year.  We will regularly add new events to the calendar but it will be impossible for you to complete all of your attendance requirements the last couple of months of the academic year.  The key to success is planning. 

Q:  How do I verify my service hours?
A:  Service hours will be verified through the Community Outreach office and will require a signature from the site supervisor where you completed your volunteer hours. 

Q: I participate in lots of intramurals, how much credit do I get for playing in those games? 
A: At each intramural sport championship game, you’ll have a chance to scan your ID for credit.

Q: Do I really get cash? 
A:  At this time, you’ll be rewarded by direct deposit or a check in your name.

Q: If I miss sign-ups, can I still be a part of the program?
A: Sign ups are at the beginning of each year, if you miss this year, you can try again next year.

Q: Should I scan in at events even if I'm not a part of the Passport Program?
A: Sure, you will still be able to request a print out of all the events you attended.  This might be helpful as create your resume. 

Q: Can CCPS and graduate students participate?
A: The Passport Program is only open for full-time undergraduate day school students who are in good academic and judicial standing with the university. 

Q: What events count as Study Abroad?
A: There is a specific worksheet you will work from during your Study Abroad Experience.  Prior to departure, schedule a time to meet with the Director of Student Success to go over the requirements, tracking and reporting.  You will also need to schedule a time to meet again once you return for the attendance audit. 

Q:  Who do I contact for questions?
A:  Director of Student Success, FSC 120, (417) 873-6919

Q: Can I make up events?
A: In extreme circumstances, this may be possible.  Contact the Director of Student Success. 

Q: Are there means of transportation available to events that happen off-campus?  I don't have a car on campus. 
A: Sometimes campus organizations will provide trolley/bus service to events.  There are also 400 other students participating in the program.  You can reach out to other participants to see if you can carpool with them. 

Q: I'm an NCAA athlete, can I participate in the program?
A: Yes, this is a program that is open to all full-time day students, so NCAA athletes are eligible to participate.