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FAQs for the O'Reilly Family Event Center

About O'Reilly

Q: Where is the O'Reilly Family Event Center located?

The O'Reilly Family Event Center is located on the eastern edge of Drury University's Springfield campus. Our address is 935 N. Summit Avenue, Springfield, MO, 65802. We recommend using this address for GPS mapping to the center. See Directions & Parking for more information

Q: Where can I park for events?

The O'Reilly Family Event Center is pleased to offer our guests free parking for events. Guest parking lots are located on Summit Avenue on the northeastern side of the event center. Additional parking is located on Drury Lane on the southern side of the building if needed. See Directions & Parking for more information

Private Bookings & Events

Q: What kind of private events do you host?

The O'Reilly Family Event Center offers several options for private event and meeting space. We've hosted wedding receptions (ideal for weddings at Stone Chapel), corporate Christmas parties, sports banquets, meetings, and more. Our banquet rooms and outdoor plaza offer flexibility and amenities. For more information about private events at O'Reilly, please contact Cami Haddock at or by phone at (417) 872-7265.

Q: What amenities do you offer for private bookings?

We offer use of our round banquet tables, black meeting chairs, projector, screen, microphone and speaker.

Season Ticket Holders

Q: If I was a season ticket holder last year, will I be able to renew my tickets at the same price?

In some cases, yes. However, in other cases pricing may increase based on demand. Pricing in certain sections may also decrease, so you could actually receive a reduction in the cost of your tickets depending on the section where your seats are located.

Q: If I purchase tickets for only one team (i.e. Panthers only or Lady Panthers only, not both), will I have to leave my seat for doubleheaders?

Perhaps. If you purchase seats for only one program, Drury may sell your seat to a season ticket holder for the other program. This means that when your team plays the first game of a double header, there may be a ticket holder needing access to the same seat for the second game. However, if Drury does not sell this seat to another ticket holder for the other program, you may stay and watch the second game of the doubleheader at no additional cost.

Q: If I purchase seats for only one program, and my seat is sold to another ticket holder, can I stay to watch the second game of a doubleheader when my team plays first?

Yes. We do not clear the gym, so provided there is another seat available, you are welcome (and Drury encourages you) to stay to watch the other team play.

Q: I plan to purchase seats for only one program. When my team plays the second game of a doubleheader, can I arrive early and watch the remainder of the first game from my seats?

Yes. As long as your seat is unoccupied, you may use it to watch the other program. However, please be aware that there it is likely that another fan using the seat in which case you'll need to find another unoccupied seat.

Q: Is there an additional charge for aisle seating?

Yes, a $300 booster membership is required for the ability to purchase aisle seating. This fee is only charged one time even if multiple seats are purchased. Please remember the $300 booster fee is tax deductible and helps to support the operations of Drury Basketball (travel, summer school, etc).

Q: How do I get a parking pass?

Parking passes can be purchased when you buy your tickets, or any time up to the start of the season (subject to availability). This year, season ticket holders have 3 options for parking:

  • Lot 7 north of Harrison Stadium. 77 spaces available, $600 / pass.
  • Lot 1 north of HPER (entered through Drury Lane). Limited availability, $1,200 / space.
  • VIP lot, immediately West of O'Reilly Center. Limited availability, $3,000 / space.

Q: Lair Membership. Who is eligible?

  • Any season ticket holder who has paid the $300 booster fee (aisle seat).
  • Anyone who has purchased a parking pass, any level.
  • A season ticket holder not in an aisle seat and who does not own a parking pass may gain access to the Lair by paying a one time $200 fee, good for the entire season.

Q: Will the format for the Lair be the same as last season?

The Lair will be a different experience this year. It will feature interaction with the coaching staff before each game, multi-media integration and other surprises.

Q: Why purchase season tickets?

The price of walk-up tickets to Drury basketball games will vary by game (depending on the opponent), and in most cases will be offered at a significantly higher price than last year. So, season tickets will know that they are receiving a good value for their tickets per game. In addition, season ticket holders have the privilege to sit in the same seat for every game while also having the ability to purchase a dedicated parking pass and attend the Lair (opportunities not available to non-season ticket holders).

Q: For ticket holders who are handicapped or have mobility challenges, can seats be accesses through the northeast tunnel (where the teams enter the court)?

Yes. Simply notify anyone in the box office at the time your tickets are purchased, and a pass will be issued granting you access to your seats through the players tunnel for all games in the '11 – '12 season.