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Nonprofit Communication Conference Presentation Proposal

The Center for Nonprofit Communication at Drury University is looking for ideas and proposals for sessions at the 2014 Nonprofit Communication Conference, October 16 at Drury University.

We are looking for thought leaders who can provide timely, meaningful and challenging content to engage our conference's more than 225 attendees in critical thinking and discussion.

Sessions should cover issues, projects, and trends in the nonprofit industry, and should not be a sales pitch to promote the services or products of individual companies. We prefer experienced speakers, although we are open to novice presenters who pair up with a colleague.

Sessions are 75 or 90 minutes long.

Our goal is to provide balanced sessions that meet the variety of skill levels and interest levels of the conference audience, presented by speakers who represent the passion and diversity of the nonprofit industry.

Deadline for Submission: Monday, August 26 by 7 p.m.

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Track 1 - Governance:
Maintaining a healthy, effective board and leading a team of employees requires a wide range of skills. Sessions in this track will explore best practices, trends, laws/policies for leading an organization - staff, volunteers, and board.

Track 2 - Internal & External Communication:
These sessions will include information on working with the traditional media, social media, elevating community awareness, preparing and managing crises, and other ways of strengthening your organization's brand in the community.

Track 3 - Strategic Planning - Vision:
Sessions in this track will cover planning and executing a strategic plan, and how to develop vision planning, thinking, and decision-making competencies of CEOs, managers, supervisors, and frontline employees.

Track 4 - Funding & Finance:
Presentations will include information on fundraising trends and practices, event management, best practices and policies in financial management and transparency.
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What do you expect the audience to know or be able to do after the session?

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How will you present this information and engage the audience?
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Presentation proposals will be reviewed by the Center for Nonprofit Communication staff and the Conference Committee to make selections for each session.

If selected as a presenter at the 2014 Nonprofit Communication Conference, you will have the opportunity to network with hundreds of industry professionals, make new contacts, and share your expertise with colleagues. If you have a book, product, or service, we will allow you to promote it. However, this must not be the focus of your presentation.

For information about speaker pay/reimbursement, please contact conference organizer Dan Prater at