Dr. Ioana Popescu's Undergraduate Research

DU Tree Map – updates, urban tree species, creating a link from DU website and DU Tree Map design to include: location, species description, pictures (in full season, fall foliage, flowers, fruits, other interesting details), and history of the tree – if a donation, etc.

Currently work is performed by 2 enthusiastic freshman biology students, 1 senior biology & environmental studies student, with the very valuable help from 2 art & design senior students that are updating our Adobe Illustrator document.

Herbarium – transfer of old specimens (> 100 years old) to acid free paper to ensure proper preservation of historical specimens (work done with material received through a grant from Missouri Department of Conservation). Cataloging, scanning or picture taking to digitize our collection to be included to TROPICOS – St Louis Botanical Gardens database, and finally compare present local flora with previously collected species in the area to identify possible conservation warnings. Currently this work is performed by 3 enthusiastic freshman biology students

Medicinal Plants – chemistry, uses, precautions, interactions, conservation concerns

Native Plants – systematics, distribution, uses, precautions, conservation status

Plants – systematics, adaptations, evolution ideas from interested students is encouraged

Personally engaged on designing and writing a field guide of Wildflowers of Romania, project that is ~ 90 % completed, project including > 1200 species. Setting up ground work for starting a second part of this field guide: Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Romania, project including > 200 woody species, to be later followed by: Ferns and Mosses of Romania.