Drury Health Service Corps Provides Opportunities for Pre-Health Science Students

Drury’s pre-health science students have a new opportunity to gain meaningful healthcare experience through participation in the Drury Health Service Corps (DHSC). Medical schools and other health professional schools increasingly value such undergraduate volunteer experiences that focus on direct interactions with people receiving healthcare services, particularly in environments that meet the needs of the medically underserved. DHSC was developed by Drury’s Natural Sciences faculty and Dr. Chan Ngo Reyes, Medical Director at Jordan Valley Community Health Center (JVCHC). Dr. Ngo Reyes is a Drury University alumna and a healthcare leader in Southwest Missouri, as well as a dynamic role model for students volunteering at JVCHC.

The inaugural Health Service Corps members began their service this fall by volunteering one afternoon a week at JVCHC. These students receive education and training related to poverty and healthcare, HIPPA regulations, and JVCHC regulations to equip them for their volunteer service. DHSC members engage in a variety of activities including welcoming and orienting patients, assisting patients with paper work, and navigating patients throughout the building. The students can also accompany patients during their appointments with physicians and other healthcare providers. These volunteer experiences provide Drury students with weekly opportunities to cultivate the empathy, understanding, and skills necessary to build relationships with the medically underserved so that they are better prepared to become patient-centered healthcare providers of the future.