Music Auditions & Activity Grants

Scholarship information for all students

Activity Grants are available to all full-time students, in all disciplines, registered for at least twelve semester hours credit during the fall and spring semesters, making satisfactory progress toward a degree. Students are expected to participate in two ensembles according to the major performance medium. At the end of each academic year, an assessment will be made of the students' contribution to the designated ensembles and the success in not only maintaining but improving performance skills. Awards for students receiving satisfactory assessments will be renewed for the following academic year. We strongly encourage you to enroll in private lessons on your instrument as the best means of achieving your performance potential, and thus a favorable assessment.

Audition information for music majors

Students applying for admission to the Music Department to pursue a major in music (BA, BME, BMT) must prepare a ten-minute audition in their major performing area (instrumental or vocal). Contest-type material is appropriate, with two pieces in contrasting styles. Students preparing works that require an accompanist must perform those works with the accompaniment.  A pianist will be provided upon request. The performance will be followed by a brief evaluation of sight reading ability. Composers should also submit copies of scores and recordings of their works. To arrange for an audition, the prospective student should first submit an application for admission to the university, and then contact the music department office to schedule an individual appointment. All new students will be required to take a theory/ear training and history assessment exam upon arrival on campus.

Jazz guitar, electric bass and drum set are not appropriate as a primary instrument for those intending to major in music.  These instruments are listed as options for activity grant auditions only.  If a student who plays one of these instruments wishes to be a music major, they should also audition on one of the following instruments:

  • Jazz guitarists should also audition on classical guitar
  • Drum set players should also audition on another percussion instrument (preferably
    marimba or another mallet instrument, timpani, or snare drum)
  • Electric bass players should audition on acoustic bass

These students may also elect to audition on a completely different instrument to fulfill their music major requirements. Any questions on this issue should be directed to the music office.

Audition information & guidelines