Drury University Safety Policy Statement

Drury University’s most important asset is its employees. It is the intent of Drury University to provide a safe and healthy environment for all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and others who may visit the University’s facilities and grounds. These individuals are entitled to work and study in a relatively hazard-free environment. Therefore, Drury University strives to achieve an optimal degree of safety while still providing an intellectual and cultural atmosphere. Federal, state, and local regulations mandate a minimum level of safety. However, since the administration of Drury University holds safety in such high regard, we will endeavor to surpass these minimal standards to attain a higher degree of compliance.

Health and safety should be a concern to everyone, as it is only thorough our mutual efforts and vigilance that we will eliminate accidents resulting in personal injury and loss of property. Each person utilizing University facilities and equipment is required to act in a safe and responsible manner and is requested to report unsafe conditions to the appropriate University official.

Drury University is known and recognized for its excellence in academics. Through the dedicated efforts of everyone involved, we can maintain a safe and healthy environment in which to continue our educational pursuits.