Becky Polk

Online Course Content Manager

Becky is a native Texan who grew up in New Orleans, New Jersey and Houston. After a stint in retail while putting herself through college at the University of Houston, she began a career as a property/casualty insurance agent specializing in professional liability coverage. She left that profession and helped a friend start a medical equipment company, performing a variety of administrative and managerial duties during her time there. She helped develop the first company website in 2002 and ended as the manager of another. She thoroughly enjoys technology and the challenges and opportunities it presents in all aspects of life.

Becky is married to a retired police officer who now works in retail operations. Their two daughters live in Texas. Becky reads voraciously, exercises daily, loves movies and sings constantly (although humans often can't hear her). She and her husband teach at their church and participate in the choir.

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