Online Courses Rotational Schedule

Semester Rotation of Classes

Use the guide below to better plan your schedule of studies in Drury's Online Programs.

Please note that this is not the official schedule for any given semester. This is intended to give you an idea of which semester each course is offered online at Drury, so that you can most effectively plan your schedule of studies.

This schedule is subject to change. For the current semester's course offerings, please visit the Course Schedule page. If you have questions about specific course offerings, please consult with your Academic Advisor.

To see the courses for each department, and which semesters they are typically offered, click on the +/- sign next to the department name.

For more information on which degrees can be earned entirely online, visit our Online Degrees page.

[+] Accounting (ACCT)

  Fall Spring Summer
209 (Principles of Accounting) X X X
210 (Financial Statement & Decision Analysis) X X X

[+] Biology (BIOL)

  Fall Spring Summer
103 (Biology Concepts)   X  
104 (Biology in Contemporary World) X    
105 (Introduction to Ecology) X   X
106 (Conservation Theory & Management)     X
301 (Evolutionary Biology)     X
302 (Principles of Human Nutrition) X X X
305 (Medical Terminology) X X X
308 (Immunology)   X  
337 (Introduction to Virology)     X
382 (Pathophysiology)   X  

[+] Business Administration (BADM)

  Fall Spring Summer
447 (Survey of International Business) X    

[+] Chemistry (CHEM)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Chemistry - A Human Concern) X    
103 (Fundamentals of Chemistry)   X X

[+] Communications (COMM)

  Fall Spring Summer
220 (Business Communication and Writing) X X X
221 (Media Writing)   X  
231 (Principles of Advertising/Public Relations)   X  
237 (Music and Politics) X    
238 (Social History of Comic Books)     X
285 (Communication and Ethics) X    
290 (Special Topic: Rock & Roll: A Survey)   X  
332 (Intercultural Communication)   X  
351 (Persuasive Communication) X    
353 (Mass Media and Society)   X  
387 (Organizational Communication) X    
422 (Argumentation and Advocacy) X    
431 (Public Relations Writing)   X  

[+] Computer Information Systems (CISQ)

  Fall Spring Summer
250 (Management Information Systems) X X X

[+] Criminology (CRIM)

  Fall Spring Summer
102 (Introduction to Criminology) X X X
104 (Ethics in Criminal Justice) X    
201 (Law and Society) X   X
211 (Police Patrol)   X  
221 (Victimology) X X X
232 (Criminal Justice Organization & Management)   X  
290 (Special Topics - Topics vary per semester)   X  
301 (Principles of Forensic Science) X   X
302 (Anatomy of a Murder) X    
303 (Serial Homicide)   X  
311 (White Collar Crime)     X
321 (Deviance and Social Control) X X  
322 (Juvenile Law)   X  
323 (Probation & Parole)   X  
326 (Theories of Counseling & Guidance)   X  
331 (Advanced Criminology) X    
332 (Juvenile Delinquency)   X  
334 (Abnormal Psychology) X X  
340 (Case Preparation)   X  
341 (Justice and Punishment)     X
342 (Correctional System) X    
348 (Comparative Criminal Justice Systems) X    
351 (Legal Aspects I) X    
360 (Judicial Process)   X X
371 (Psychology and the Law)   X  
390 (Special Topics - Topics vary per semester) X   X
493 (Senior Seminar) X X  

[+] Economics (ECON)

  Fall Spring Summer
210 (Principles of Microeconomics) X X X
211 (Principles of Macroeconomics) X X X

[+] Education (EDUC)

  Fall Spring Summer
221 (Economics Education) X X X

[+] Educational Technology (EDTE)

  Fall Spring Summer
220 (Introduction to Web Design) X-Even    
301 (Writing for the Web) X-Odd   X
310 (Psychology of the Adult Learner) X-Odd    
311 (Psychology of Learning)   X  
320 (Methods of Online Instruction)   X  
330 (Test Development & Delivery)   X  
340 (History, Security & Ethics of Technology) X-Even    
350 (Design & Delivery of Instruction)   X  
410 (Instructional Product Development)   X-Even X
420 (Simulation and Gaming) X-Even    
430 (Educational Evaluation)   X-Even  
493 (Educational Leadership)   X-Even  

[+] English (ENGL)

  Fall Spring Summer
114 (College Writing, Reading, Study Skills) X X X
150 (Composition) X X X
199 (Minicourse: Storytelling)     X
200 (Literature Matters) X   X
201 (British Literature I: Medieval - 18th Century) X    
202 (British Literature II: 19th Century - Present)   X X
203 (American Literature I: 1620-1865) X    
204 (American Literature II: 1865-1980)   X X
207 (Expository Writing) X X X
212 (Comparative Mythology)   X X
236 (Ozarks Culture & Folklore) X X  
253 (Grammar and Style)   X  
266 (Creative Writing I - Fiction) X    
267 (Creative Writing I - Poetry)     X
301 (Theory and Practice)   X  
302 (Women Writers)     X
303 (Single Author - Authors vary per semester) X X X
306 (Studies in 16th-18th Century Literature) X    
311 (Studies in Contemporary Literature) X    
317 (African-American Literature)   X  
344 (Studies in World Literature)   X  
353 (Nature of the English Language) X X  
366 (Creative Writing II - Fiction)   X X
375 (Land and Literature) X    
381 (Southern Literature)     X

[+] Environmental Programs (ENVR)

  Fall Spring Summer
220 (Introduction to Environmental Issues) X    
313 (Resource Management)     X
315 (Environmental Laws & Regulations)   X  
316 (Environmental Compliance) X    
321 (Hazardous Materials)   X X
326 (Environmental and Community Health) X    
375 (Environmental Management) X    

[+] Exercise & Sport Science (EXSP)

  Fall Spring Summer
345 (Wellness and Health Promotion) X    

[+] Finance (FINC)

  Fall Spring Summer
331 (Corporate Finance) X X X

[+] Geography (GEOG)

  Fall Spring Summer
109 (World Regional Geography I) X X X
110 (World Regional Geography II) X X  
223 (Meteorology)   X  

[+] Global Studies (GLST)

  Fall Spring Summer
201 (Global Awareness/Cultural Diversity) X X X
493 (Ethical Issues in a Global Society) X X  

[+] General Studies (GSTU)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Introduction to Computers and Software)     X
199 (Introduction to Virtual Worlds: Second Life) X X X
210 (Desktop Applications) X X X
493 (Senior Seminar) X X X

[+] History (HIST)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Survey of U.S. History I) X X X
102 (Survey of U.S. History II) X X  
107 (World History to 1550)   X  
108 (World History from 1500) X    
220 (Ancient Civilization)   X  
223 (Medieval Civilization)   X  
225 (Renaissance & Reformation)   X  
251 (History of Slavery)   X  
259 (Engaging the Past; Regional History)   X  
302 (U.S. Foreign Policy) X    
321 (Women in European History)   X  
323 (Women in American History) X    
330 (The American Civil War)   X X
343 (Latin American History)   X  
345 (History of Modern Asia) X    
350 (African-American History) X   X
375 (Arab-Israeli Conflict) X    
385 (Cold War Conflict & The Developing World)   X X
493 (Senior Seminar) X    

[+] Leadership (LDST)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Foundations of Organizational Leadership) X X X
201 (Public Sector Finance) X X  
300 (Theories & Models of Leadership) X X X
310 (Contemporary Workforce Issues)     X
331 (Negotiation and Conflict Resolution) X X X
338 (Organizational Relations) X X  
350 (Organizational Legal Issues/Policy)   X  
400 (Grant Writing) X X  
420 (Managing Multi-Cultural Organizations)   X  
450 (Ethics and Leadership)   X  

[+] Legal Studies (LEGA)

  Fall Spring Summer
100 (Introduction to the Law for the Paralegal)     X
105 (Legal Research)   X  
106 (Legal Writing) X    
155 (Introduction to Legal Reasoning) X   X
201 (Interviewing and Investigating)   X  
261 (Litigation) X    
262 (Tort Law)   X  
263 (Social Security/Workers Comp Law) X    
264 (Family Law)   X  

[+] Library Science (LIBR)

  Fall Spring Summer
211 (Information Research Skills) X X X

[+] Mathematics (MATH)

  Fall Spring Summer
100 (Intermediate Algebra)   X X
101 (Fundamental Math Concepts I) X X  
102 (Fundamental Math Concepts II) X X X
109 (College Algebra) X X X
201 (Mathematics for Social Sciences) X X  
227 (Introduction to Statistics) X X X

[+] Management (MGMT)

  Fall Spring Summer
103 (Business Foundations) X X X
228 (Analytical Methods) X X X
301 (Leadership & Organizations)   X X
321 (Legal Environment of Business) X X X
422 (Corporate Policy and Ethics) X   X
424 (Business Simulation Workshop) X   X

[+] Marketing (MKTG)

  Fall Spring Summer
337 (Marketing) X X X

[+] Music (MUSC)

  Fall Spring Summer
115 (Introduction to Western Music) X X X
314 (African-American Music) X    
315 (Latin-American Music)   X X

[+] Philosophy (PHIL)

  Fall Spring Summer
100 (Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking)     X
201 (Introduction to Philosophy) X X  
305 (Ethical Issues in Healthcare)   X X

[+] Physics (PHYS)

  Fall Spring Summer
100 (Earth Science) X X X
110 (Elementary Astronomy) X    
111 (Physical Science)   X X
290 (Special Topics - Topics vary per semester) X X  

[+] Political Science (PLSC)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Government & Politics in the U.S.) X X X
332 (Political Party, Elections & Interest Groups) X    

[+] Psychology (PSYC)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Introduction to Psychology) X X X
108 (Writing in the Behavioral Sciences) X X X
110 (Stress Management I) X X X
230 (Life Span Development) X X X
234 (Drugs and Behavior)   X  
240 (Social Psychology) X    
275 (Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences) X X  
312 (Positive Psychology)   X  
332 (Mental Health) X    
338 (Personality Theory in Psychology) X   X
347 (Medical Sociology)   X  
352 (Psychology of Gender) X X X
355 (Industrial Organizational Psychology)   X X
357 (Psychology of Adulthood) X    
367 (Family Therapy) X X X
370 (Human Sexuality) X X X
380 (Undergraduate Internship Experience)     X
480 (Undergraduate Internship Experience)     X

[+] Religion (RELG)

  Fall Spring Summer
202 (Religions of the World/Middle East)   X  
203 (Introduction to the Bible)     X
204 (Introduction to the History of Christianity) X    
205 (The Life and Teachings of Jesus) X   X
303 (Teachings of Paul)   X  

[+] Science (SCIE)

  Fall Spring Summer
206 (Speleology)   X  

[+] Sociology (SOCI)

  Fall Spring Summer
101 (Introduction to Sociology) X X X
111 (Introduction to Anthropology)   X  
200 (Research Methods/Behavioral Science) X X X
201 (Sociology of the Family)   X  
202 (Global Social Problems) X    
246 (Introduction to Social Work)   X  
312 (Problems of Death and Dying) X   X
316 (Minority Groups) X X X
325 (Political Sociology) X    
327 (Social Gerontology) X    
336 (Development of Sociological Theory) X X  
351 (Cultures of the Middle East) X    
354 (Native American Cultures) X    
355 (Islam and Women)     X
360 (Community Studies)   X  
362 (Sociology of Religion)   X  

[+] Spanish (SPAN)

  Fall Spring Summer
103 (Tools of Elementary Spanish I)   X  
104 (Tools of Elementary Spanish II)   X