Fall 2013 Courses in Second Life

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Exploration of virtual worlds is rapidly being adopted and "inhabited" by people for social networking, business, and education. Immersion into these virtual worlds allows for higher levels of social engagement through the use of personal cyber representations (avatars).

Drury continues to lead our community in virtual classes through Second Life, allowing students to learn through the dynamics of virtual realities using activities such as simulations and role playing.

Click here to see videos of interviews with student avatars inside Second Life.

It is highly recommended that students first complete the one credit hour course, Introduction to Virtual Worlds: Second Life, held in the A-Block section. The course is designed to assimilate students into Second Life, covering the basics of virtual navigation, dexterity, avatar creation, building, economics, collaboration, presentations skills and community. All Second Life enhanced courses are held in the second eight week session of the term. Second Life enhanced courses have the 'SL' descriptor in the course ID, such as GSTU 0199 E MAIN SL 01A.


All Second Life courses have a scheduled day and time to meet within Second Life.

Second Life enhanced courses for the Fall 2013 term:
GSTU 0199 E MAIN SL 01A: Intro to Virtual Worlds [Second Life: Sept 19-Oct. 16: 1 credit] (Steve Hynds)

RELG 0204 E MAIN SL 01B: Introduction to the History of Christianity [Second Life] (Clement Graham)