Associate of Science in Writing Program

The College of Continuing Professional Studies offers an associate of science in writing. The program focuses on the original composition of literary works in fiction, non-fiction and/or poetry. The curriculum requires instruction in grammar and style in order to develop a student's technical and editorial skills.

Associate of Science in Writing Curriculum

In addition to general education requirements, students pursuing the associate of science degree in Writing are required to complete the following 19 hours of coursework:

Foundations (4 hours)
ENGL 253: Grammar and Style (3 hours)
LIBR 211 Information Research Skills (1 hours)

Imaginative Writing - choose three of the following, two must be numbered 300 or above (9 hours):
ENGL 266: Creative Writing I - Fiction (3 hours)
ENGL 267: Creative Writing I - Poetry (3 hours)
ENGL 268: Creative Writing I - Nonfiction (3 hours)
ENGL 366: Creative Writing II - Fiction (3 hours)
ENGL 367: Creative Writing II - Poetry (3 hours)
ENGL 368: Creative Writing II - Nonfiction (3 hours)

Professional Writing - choose two of the following, one must be numbered 300 or above:
ENGL 220: Business Communications and Writing (3 hours)
ENGL 251: Editing and Publishing (3 hours)
ENGL 397: Internship (3 hours)
COMM 210: Graphic Design I (3 hours)
COMM 221: Media Writing (3 hours)
COMM 310: Graphic Design II (3 hours)