CCPS First Responder Program Curriculum

The first responder associate of science degree requires 26-27 hours of coursework in the following distribution:
*ENVR 102: FRO WMD and FRO Methamphetamine
(Instructor approval required)
*ENVR 111: HAZMAT Industry Technician
*ENVR 121: HAZMAT Technician Science
*ENVR 131: HAZMAT Applied Technician Science
*ENVR 141: HAZMAT Technician Incident Considerations
*ENVR 151: HAZMAT Technician Tactical Field Operations
CHEM 212: Elementary Organic Chemistry
ENVR 214: Environmental Microbiology
ENVR 316: Environmental Compliance
* Indicates courses offered by the Simard Group at the St.Robert/Ft. Leonard Wood Annex only.
Students must take the following courses as part of their general education requirements:
ENGL 207: Expository Writing
CHEM 103: Fundamentals of Chemistry
CRIM 301: Principles of Forensic Science
ENVR 315: Environmental Laws and Regulations
Choose on of the following:
ENVR 220: Introduction to Ethical Environmental Issues
ENVR 320: Environmental Ethics
Choose one of the following:
MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra
MATH 109: College Algebra