Art Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses:

ARTZ 111: Foundations of Design
ARTZ 123: Drawing

200 Level Courses:

ARTZ 200: Printmaking
ARTZ 205: Weaving
ARTZ 210: Graphic Design I

ARTZ 230: Painting I
ARTZ 240: Ceramics I
ARTZ 250: Sculpture I
ARTZ 260: Photography I
ARTZ 290: Selected Topics

300 Level Courses:

ARTZ 301, 302: Advanced Studio
ARTZ 310: Graphic Design II
ARTZ 311: Publication Design
ARTZ 312: Illustration
ARTZ 313: Concept and Design
ARTZ 323: Figure Drawing
ARTZ 324: Figure Sculpture
ARTZ 330: Painting II
ARTZ 340: Ceramics II
ARTZ 341: Ceramic Mold-Making and Slip Casting
ARTZ 342: Ceramic Hand Building
ARTZ 343: Ceramic Wheel Throwing
ARTZ 350: Sculpture II
ARTZ 351: Sculpture: Fabrication
ARTZ 352: Sculpture: Subtractive Process-Carving
ARTZ 360: Photography II
ARTZ 361: Alternative Photographic Processes
ARTZ 364: Commercial Photography
ARTZ 367: Digital Photography
ARTZ 380: Field Studies: Design and Fine Art
ARTZ 390: Selected Topics
ARTZ 395: Portfolio
ARTZ 397, 398: Internship

400 Level Courses:

ARTZ 401, 402: Advanced Studio
ARTZ 490: Selected Topics
ARTZ 495: Capstone Studio
ARTZ 397, 498: Internship

ARTZ 111: Foundations of Design. 3 hours.

An introduction to the principles of design. Basic creative problem-solving and design principles are explored through studio projects and symposium presentations. This course is the first in a sequence of studio courses for both art and architecture majors, but also serves non-majors. Same as ARCH 111. Offered fall semester. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 123: Drawing. 3 hours.

Students will work in a variety of drawing media and techniques solving representational problems. This course includes an introduction to figure drawing. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 200: Printmaking. 3 hours.

An introduction to printmaking techniques with emphasis on woodcuts, mono-print, relief, silkscreen,
or digital/intaglio processes. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 205: Weaving. 3 hours.

An introduction to principles and techniques of loom and off-loom weaving. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 210: Graphic Design I. 3 hours.

This course is the first part of a two-semester course in which an understanding of the creative and communication possibilities of typography, both headline and text, and its integration with images will be explored. This course is designed to give a practical graphic design experience to the student wishing to pursue a career in graphic design or advertising. Through lectures, demonstrations, and discussions, a basic understanding of layout, design and computer applications will be taught. Same as COMM 210. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 230: Painting I. 3 hours.

Studio experience and demonstration in various painting media and techniques. Problems are assigned as a means of allowing students to come to terms with the technical aspects of painting through actual involvement with the painting process. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 240: Ceramics I. 3 hours.

Exploration of handbuilding and wheel techniques and basic principles of glazing. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 250: Sculpture I. 3 hours.

A studio course introducing basic sculptural processes, materials, tools, and equipment. This course focuses on developing the skills and aesthetics relating to the different materials and processes used in sculpture.

ARTZ 260: Photography I. 3 hours.

The course covers basic principles of black and white photography and darkroom techniques. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 310: Graphic Design II. 3 hours.

This course is the second half of the two-semester sequence in which knowledge and skills of typography and communication of the written word is blended into the creation of personalized design projects reflecting a realistic approach to contemporary graphic design. Through lectures, demonstrations, and discussions,
an advanced understanding of computer applications, layout, and design will be taught. Same as COMM 310. Prerequisite: ARTZ 210.

ARTZ 311: Publication Design. 3 hours.

A one semester course in which the information learned in Graphic Design I and Graphic
Design II is related to the intricacies of publication design. Prerequisite: ARTZ 210, ARTZ 310.

ARTZ 312: Illustration. 3 hours.

A course designed to give a general understanding and awareness of illustration styles and techniques in a variety of media. Prerequisite: ARTZ 123.

ARTZ 313: Concept and Design. 3 hours.

This course is designed to expand the graphic design student's understanding of important concepts underlying outstanding works in the discipline. Design projects will be developed as a class beginning with the brainstorming stage and continuing through successive development stages to final production. Prerequisite: ARTZ 210, ARTZ 310.

ARTZ 323: Figure Drawing. 3 hours.

A course in figure drawing involving intensive study and work from the model. Prerequisite: ARTZ 123. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 324: Figure Sculpture. 3 hours.

An advanced figure study course that focuses on the problems of three-dimensional representation. It will introduce the student to the techniques of modeling the human figure. Prerequisite: ARTZ 323.

ARTZ 330: Painting II. 3 hours.

Advanced studio problems in painting with emphasis on the mastery of one medium and the development of individual expression. Prerequisite: ARTZ 230.

ARTZ 340: Ceramics II. 3 hours.

Advanced studio problems in ceramics with an emphasis on individual expression. Prerequisite: ARTZ 240.

ARTZ 341: Ceramic Mold-Making and Slip Casting. 3 hours.

This course explores the various techniques involved with making plaster molds including both slip-casting and press molds. Both ceramic and non-ceramic objects will be used to make molds. This course also will explore how these techniques can be used for both functional and sculptural works of art. Prerequisite: ARTZ 240.

ARTZ 342: Ceramic Hand Building. 3 hours.

This course explores advanced hand building techniques including the skills and processes involved in making large ceramic pieces. It also focuses on non-traditional approaches to ceramics such as adobe, installation, and site-specific ceramic sculpture. Prerequisite: ARTZ 240.

ARTZ 343: Ceramic Wheel Throwing. 3 hours.

This course focuses on wheel throwing techniques. Although this course explores both functional and sculptural applications of the wheel, most demonstrations will revolve around the processes of making functional pots.
Students will be expected to develop the skills necessary to throw large pots, lids, handles and spouts in order to make functional vessels. Prerequisite: ARTZ 240.

ARTZ 350: Sculpture II. 3 hours.

Continued exploration of sculptural processes, materials, tools, and equipment. Emphasis on developing proficiency in the selections, use, and manipulation of materials as well as a mastery of the processes involved. Emphasis is on continuing development of personal expression, conceptual development, aesthetic, and technical competency. Prerequisite: ARTZ 250.

ARTZ 351: Sculpture: Fabrication. 3 hours.

Advanced fabrication in metal, wood, and a combination of the two. The course focuses on the additive process and also will explore the assemblage of found objects and alternative materials. Prerequisite: ARTZ 250.

ARTZ 352: Sculpture: Subtractive Process-Carving. 3 hours.

An advanced course on subtractive carving of a variety of materials: stone, wood, plaster, cast concrete/stone, and alternative materials. Prerequisite: ARTZ 250.

ARTZ 360: Photography II. 3 hours.

In this course, the student will be encouraged to explore advanced photographic techniques and to develop a better understanding of black and white photography as an art form. Prerequisite: ARTZ 260.

ARTZ 361: Alternative Photographic Processes. 3 hours.

This course will explore the many possibilities involving photographic images on nontraditional materials and alternative photographic printing techniques. Prerequisite: ARTZ 260, ARTZ 360.

ARTZ 364: Commercial Photography. 3 hours.

This course will focus on commercial photography characteristics such as lighting, composition, and clarity in relationship to portraiture, product, and architecture with the use of medium and large format cameras. Prerequisite: ARTZ 260.

ARTZ 367: Digital Photography. 3 hours.

Introduction to digital photography, from camera use, flat bed and film scanning, printing, software use and
manipulation, to final presentation methods. Prerequisite: ARTZ 260.

ARTZ 380: Field Studies: Design and Fine Art. 3 hours.

A course designed to promote first hand, in-depth experience with works of art and/or architecture in order to foster the integration of theoretical and applied learning skills in the design and fine arts major. Students will participate in an off-campus field study, the exact nature of which will be determined by the interests of the student and must be approved in consultation with an art faculty member. (Meets Creativity Explored)

ARTZ 395: Portfolio. 3 hours.

This course concerns development of a body of art work to be used in approaching the job market or graduate school possibilities.

ARTZ 495: Capstone Studio. 3 hours.

This course requires students to create and exhibit new work that utilizes the knowledge they have gained in studying design or fine arts as their undergraduate major. Significant responsibility lies with the student to work independently to develop a project proposal that must be approved by a faculty mentor in the department of art and art history.

ARTZ 301, 302, 401, 402: Advanced Studio. 1-3 hours each.

These courses are offered to encourage individual work for advanced students under the supervision of a specific instructor. Prerequisite: departmental permission.

ARTZ 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics. 1-3 hours.

ARTZ 397, 398, 497, 498: Internship.