Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program

The aim of the business administration program is to provide an opportunity for students to gain a practical understanding of the business aspects of our society. The curriculum is organized to give students a knowledge of business practices and economic processes, the role of business and economics in the world marketplace, and an awareness of the major business issues that confront society.

At Drury University, students must complete 124 credit hours of coursework to earn a bachelor of business administration. The general education requirements fulfill 37 of the 124 hours, and 53 hours are fulfilled by completing the required curriculum for the bachelor of business administration. The remaining 34 hours are free elective hours.

A student must be officially admitted to Drury University in order to be degree seeking. If students have transfer credit or previously earned hours from Drury, they should apply for admission prior to or at the time of registration. A bachelor of business administration degree can be earned through Drury University with a major in business administration.

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